What in the Hell does “Kairos” mean??

Well, as the official first post of my blog, it might be wise to explain why I choose the title I did. But first let me explain a little about why I choose to write this blog. I always kind of thought of myself as a sentimental person. I kept journals and scrapbooks in high school (and maybe still do…) and liked having a record of my thoughts. When I joined twitter about a year ago, no one I knew was on it. There was a bit of a comfort in that. I used my 140 characters to the max!!!! And just recently after looking back at them I realized something…I liked the comfort and freedom of knowing no one was really reading my tweets. I used my twitter account as a sort of digital diary. But on the down side, 140 characters tends to stifle your artistic expression, especially if you tend to be loquacious. So I decided I needed a new outlet. HELLO WORDPRESS!!

I intend to use this blog to talk about everything and anything that tickles my fancy! I feel like I’m always coming across fun recipes, movie trailers, artists, stores and I kind of never know how to get the word out. Well, what better forum to talk about anything that I want to than on my blog! Which brings me to the title! My best friend Ali told me about a year ago about a term that she came across in her Greek Art & Architecture class. The Greeks had two words for time. One was Chronos and that literally meant time (i.e. days, months, minutes, hours, years) but the other was Kairos.

Kairos was an expression that literally meant “opportune moment”. The ancient Greeks believed that life happened in between the moments of time. Life occurred not in strictly laid out pockets of time, but in moments of undefined time. I believe that too with all my heart. It is so important to take advantage of the moments of Kairos in our life. I hope that this blog, or more specifically my wish for this blog is that it can accurately capture the moments in between my life. And I hope you all enjoy it too!


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