She Works Hard For The Money

The view out the window onto Grant Ave.

Sooooo, this weekend marks the ending of my FIRST official week of work at a REAL adult job. Unfortunately up until this point, all of my past jobs have mostly consisted of retail/customer service type jobs, so this is my first time working in a (very cool) office-type setting. So how can I sum up this weekend? Well, first of all let me just start off by saying that whenever I imagined how I wanted to be working post-college it was always in downtown San Francisco (preferably in the Financial District), always a very light and bright open studio space with lots of architectural interest, something that was challenging yet interesting. But the most important to me was that it had deep connections to the artistic and creative aspects of business (i.e. art gallery, PR/Marketing firm, architecture, social media etc.) It was just very essential to me that I be surrounded by creative minds who could in turn inspire my own artistic proclivities.

So all day this week I would literally be pinching myself at how EFFING lucky I am that I got everything I ever wanted out of my first post-collegiate job! I mean, I’m right in the heart of the Financial (and as luck would have it, a stones throw away from one of my besties, Nikki) the studio space is amazing, I get to work with such creative and artistic architects/minds and I really feel like this is a company that I would love to stay with for the long run! It really is so amazing. During the past 13 months when I had nothing but constant interviews/rejections, I honestly felt that there was nothing out there for me and that I should just give up and apply for a job at Starbucks. Everyone kept telling me that things work out for the best, that there is a reason for everything. I truthfully didn’t believe them, especially not in the past few months. I felt like I was doomed and that there was no hope. But it really is so surprising how much the universe can change with every second of the day. Looking back, I’m so glad that I got all those rejections. First of all they were all weird jobs and I was trying to make them work only because I was so desperate.

Something that kept me motivated during the lowest points

Secondly, all those rejections made me into a warrior! I only got stronger and better with each and every interview! (see the poster at stage right to understand my mantra during these months!) Honing my skills and abilities with each round! After a year I was so incredibly comfortable with interviews that I think it gave me an edge over all the other candidates – because I was calm and collected.

Now I’m not saying that this job is a complete bed of roses. Every job in the world has its downsides. Mine is that the previous E.A. who held this position left immediately and I really didn’t receive ANY training whatsoever and I’ve just been independently learning as I go along. At times I feel like an idiot, not knowing how to work the copier or asking where a specific file is, but I guess that’s the nature of being the “new kid in town”. Also on Tuesday (my second day of work) I had to work 3 1/2 hours of overtime so that I could get one of the principal architect’s flights rearranged for a business trip he was currently on. But you know what? Two silver linings on that one! 1. I got overtime (double OT actually) and  2. It was a quick trial by fire learning process in how to schedule and arrange flights!

So while this week has taught me infinite amounts of knowledge, its still always a learning process and I’m just happy that everyone is being so patient with me as I feel my way around this thing called “A REAL JOB”! That’s all that I can ask for!


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