Top 5 Tingles: June

WOO HOO! So marks another installment of my fave…TOP 5 TINGLES! (June edition) I’ve been bookmarking sites like crazy since last month, so lets get started!

I think I was dropped on my head exactly where the Mathmatical Skills are located...

1.) Phrenology: For my Birthday this year I decided to get myself a little something special. I feel it is essential for everyone to treat themselves to something fun for their birthday (or a lot of somethings if you feel so inclined and have the necessary resources) Even though I didn’t have much money this year (or ever if I’m being honest) I had been eyeing this Phrenology Head that I saw whilst dream-decorating my soon-to-be SF Apartment. I’ve always been relatively interested in the absurd perversities of early medicine (a.k.a. in the early 20th century doctors believed that Hysteria in women was caused by a “wandering” uterus and the only cure was to stimulate the genitalia until orgasm…the fuck?) And while Phrenology doesn’t exactly share the same sexually graphic history as hysteria, the science behind it is just as laughable. For anyone not in the know, Phrenology was a late 19th century medical practice that believed the shape of a patients skull could reveal personality traits and illnesses. In case you couldn’t tell, my eyes practically popped out of their sockets they were rolling so hard! Some of the methods and practices of early medicine is just completely laughable. So why buy an outdated relic of the past? Pretty much just for that reason! It serves as a reminder that at heart, we are all idiots. Some can put science behind their stupidity to give it more validation, but in the end no matter how hard we all try – everyone is just a little bit dumb. Plus, it looks über cool and can act as a jewelry stand (BONUS!)

All the different effects available

2.)   Hipstamatic: I fully understand that an interest in analog pictures is the hallmark of the worst kind of hipster, a “wannabe” hipster. But I must put aside my self deprecating tendencies and fall head first into my love of analog photography. It has always (“always” = the past 3 months) been a dream of mine to get a Diana Camera or even a Holga (yum!) I dream that one day when I’m living in the city, I’ll go around with my $50 memory maker and take super art school photographs of idyllic San Francisco living. However, there are a few unwelcome costs to that dream. 120 film for one, and then the reality that once I buy a Diana F+, HOW much will I really use it? Well thank god that Hipstamatic made an app for all those lazy-ass pseudo-art school-hipsters like myself! I bought this app as soon as my broke behind could deep-sofa-dive and round up $4.99 in pennies. And truth be told, its now one of my favorite apps! Getting those same analog effects with my iphone is like a dream come true! And soooooo much less expensive! Don’t get me wrong! I’m still going to buy a Diana F+ one day, but until then, my iphone will work quite nicely.

An Octopus and a Treasure Chest. Why WOULDN'T this be my fav. print?!?!

3.) WoodBlock Prints: Whilst cruising the blog-o-sphere not too long ago, I came across a link for the Tugboat Printshop and instantly fell in love! I am super in love with craftsman/artisan/unique works of art. There is just something so beautiful about an artist creating a tangible work of art out of one non-related natural element into another. Woodblock prints pretty much sum up my love for artisan-type old school time consuming crafts. There is a link on their website that illustrates the painstaking process of creating a single print. Part of me loves woodblocking specifically because it is so time consuming and I fully realize that I do not own that kind of patience! The other part of why I am soooo in love with Tugboat Printshop, is because they showcase a whole series of prints dedicated to sea life. I’m partially terrified/completely intrigued by the mystery of the deep sea. If you remember readers- I dedicated a whole post talking about my growing fear of the ocean, and while most of you are going to say, “But Lindsay, if you’re so afraid of the sea -then why are you so obsessed with it at the same time??” then I say to you, hypothetical reader, I am often times intrigued by what terrifies me. I want to know where my fears stem from, how they emerge and how they can be overcomed. Plus the fact that there are creatures floating out there with 8 legs and suction cup arms is really mind boggling when you really think about it!

Takes me back to the 3rd Grade!

4.)   Handmade Stationary: A while ago I received a christmas card from an old friend and while she wasn’t very memorable, her Christmas card was! In fact I may or may not have stalked the company that printed this card and have followed their work ever since. Yellow Owl Workshop is such an inspiration for me -daily. Anyone that knows me, knows that I love to write letters and correspondence. And NO, not the email kind! But the actual pen and paper kind. I am especially inspired to write long love letters when the stationary is equally whimsical and beautiful. I love Yellow Owl mainly because their stationary has a very handmade quality about them and all their cards are screen printed on gorgeous 100% recycled stock and all their designs are very child-like/whimsical/they belong in a dreamscape. And the great thing about them is that they also sell other things besides Stationary. Their ceramic camera figurines have been featured in number of blogs that I’ve seen around the Internet and if truth be told, I’m dying to collect all 3! And I feel especially proud to give them a Top 5 Tingle because they are local heros! Their studio is right here in San Francisco and they offer private tours of their studios and workshops, another item to add to the bucket list.

When I die, feel free to sprinkle my ashes on the accessories counter...

5.)   Pretty Penny: A few weeks ago while I was visiting my friend in Berkeley, we happened across this GOD SEND of a store! There is literally no other way to describe this little slice of heaven on earth but through a celebratory dance and a quick prayer to the Virgin Mary that your credit card balance can handle all your inevitable charges. The reason why I am in LUURVE with Pretty Penny is because not only do they have the most UH-MAY-ZING vintage gems, but for the most part everything in the store is $24!!! Twenty-four DOLLARS! What a steal! And, in fact, quite a pretty penny! Soooo many good finds! While I was drooling all over the handbags, jewelry and 1960’s coats section, my friend couldn’t be pulled away from their 80’s collection of sequined leotards. THERE’S SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE! They even had an entire rack dedicated to disgustingly tacky mid-8o’s Cosby type sweaters (you know the type…) I am dying to go back now that I have a job (aka a better looking bank account) and buy up their entire collection of pill-box hats and evening clutches. And with most of their stock totaling $24 dollars (a magical number apparently) how can you go wrong!!?! Sometimes Berkeley can be so 1960’s leftover hippy, granola eating, berkenstock wearing, hand-knit wool poncho wearing weirdo’s that you completely write off their entire cool factor. But then every once in a while a gem like Pretty Penny comes along and makes you reevaluate your entire position on the Berkeley scene. Thank you Pretty Penny! Me and my ATM card will be seeing you quite soon!


One thought on “Top 5 Tingles: June

  1. I just fell in love with everything you posted, especially the app and the stationary site. Great finds. I love crafty, original things like this. Unfortunately, the city I’m currently living in lacks fun, kooky finds like these. Thank God for the Internet, huh?

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