Dreams on Dreams

Yup. We've all got feet. And a famous Address!!

I think a part of me has been holding off writing this post simply because I wasn’t sure if it was a dream or not. I really wanted to wait a few days and make sure that I wasn’t imagining all of this sudden epic goodness in my life. And after 2 weeks, I think its safe to say that THIS SHIT IS REAL SON!

When I first graduated from college it was always the plan to get a fantasy job in San Francisco (check!) and then subsequently move into a dream show-victorian with mountains of character, bay windows in every room and gorgeous crown molding just waiting to be appreciated. However, as anyone can tell you, life just doesn’t magically work out the way you want it to whenever you want it to. The job took MUCH longer than anticipated – but after 13 months of cover letters and interviews, I can finally check that daunting box! After that saga, it seemed that the apartment would be much less difficult. GUESS AGAIN!

Mmmm...corinthian columns on a victorian facade. SWOON!

My 3 college/best friends and I decided that we wanted to all move in together now that we are “grown-up” (Bahaha!) and out of college. But trying to find a 4 bedroom apartment within our price range and including all of “Absolute Must-Haves” is a little difficult. Ok. A LOTTA DIFFICULT! Especially when you have the non-existent budget like we do! But somehow we did it! I’m not joking when I say this is such a DREAM apartment! I have literally dreamed of apartments like this when I was a little girl! GORGEOUS! VICTORIAN! SAN FRANCISCO! Key words never sounded so good.

So perhaps you can understand why I was a little apprehensive to declare SUCCESS over this barren year of unemployment and free rent courtesy of La Mama. It seemed that everything was too good to be true. Planets were aligning. My luck has never been this good. I was fully expecting that there would be a freak electrical storm the day after we signed our lease and our precious Ashbury Street apartment would burn to Victorian pieces. But alas, she still stands (I know- cause I drive past her sexy ass and stalk her gorgeous corinthian columned facade!)

Me and my besties after we signed our lease. I've never been so happy to be broke.

I guess what I’m trying to say, is that over the past year when I was in the depths of post-collegiate unemployment-apocolyptic hell, and it felt like the only escape was going to be learning how to make a latte at my local Starbucks, I held steadfast. I refused to give in. I refused to settle for less than my dream. I knew that I had worked hard for it, and to cheat myself out of less than what I knew I had a right to – was inconceivable. And now, a year and some later, here we are! 2 weeks away from moving into the most luscious and gorgeous flat in the ENTIRE 7×7 square mileage this city by the bay has to offer. This truly is an embarrassment of riches. Its so amazing how possible it is for great things to happen. Even to me. Even to you.


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