Signs Of Life

I really am ashamed at how long I’ve neglected this blog! It truly is a disgrace. I should be flogged with 1,000 sad face emoticons and slapped around with even more computer-crashing gifs. But, in my defense I have been INCREDIBLY busy. In fact, I am currently writing this blog whilst at work because I’ve found that my brief at-home life leaves little time to write these much overdue blog entries! So what has been keeping me from my beloved outlet? Well, for one thing (and quite possibly the most important of all of them…) my new full time job is a bit of a whirlwind. I can’t believe that I’ve been there for almost 2 months, but tis true. I’ve found that everyone in the office is completely out-of-your-mind-crazy busy, but still super sweet and nice. Everyone is unendingly patient with me and offers any and all help that they can even thought they are under the gun and under deadline. I haven’t screwed up too badly yet (knock on wood) but I really think that that’s in large part thanks to the amazing people who I work with. Looking back at my first few weeks, I really was just kind of thrown into the role without a ton of training and most of it was simply learn as you go. Which I suppose in large part helps you retain more information. But while you’re in the midst of trying to figure out how to send a fax, its probably not the most self esteem boosting methodology. So most of my time here at work I’ve been trying not to let on just how much I DON’T know! I mean, my god! I’ve learned a ton. But on the other hand, I feel like at any point I could let the other shoe drop and completely muck things up.

So aside from working big-baller status in the financial – I’ve got a whole new distraction. As you may remember from my last post (or not cause it was WEEKS ago…) I’m renting out a dream apartment with my 3 best friendies! I think that it is literally taking over the entirety of my attention span. Moving in and figuring out how everything is going to be and how everything is going to work out is really quite exhausting when you think about it. And when you do such a big move like I did (from the East Bay to San Francisco) a lot of it is trying to get your navigational bearings and figure out how to get to where and how long it will take you if you’re walking vs. taking the bus. And then I’m still in the midst of trying to figure out the whole MUNI system! AAAHHH! It never ends. So children, the main point of this blog entry was to show some form of virtual like and to remind people (mostly myself) that I have not in fact forgotten about anyone. Simply I’ve been juggling my reworking my personal life/schedule and that does take a large part of your day. But now that things are semi-falling into place, I have much to share with all of you! Stay tuned…


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