I feel that while reading this blog post you really should be playing the song, “Changes” by Bowie. It serves as a perfect soundtrack to my ramblings. In fact I’m listening to it on repeat as I write this post. (Or am I?) So as the title not so subtly implies, there have been many a changes in my life so far. I touched on the scale and extent of them in my last posting, however, it can’t be stressed enough that literally everything in my little world had been turned upside down and it has been quite an adjustment to regain my balance in my life. This is the first time in my life that I have a full time job that takes up most of my day (another change I’m not really used to). I mean in school I was a full time student, yes. However, a student schedule is not nearly structured as a working job. Morning class, break, afternoon class, nap, sleep through last class – that was the dream schedule. However, those days of yesteryear are unfortunately over. Aside from pulling all nighters – the collegiate schedule was pretty I remember thinking that my 9:45am classes were ridiculously early! HA! So please put on your patient and forgiving hats while I try and put together the pieces of my newly found life.

But in other good GREAT news, the apartment is coming together quite nicely. I always had a very specific look in mind when I would daydream about my city life. I wanted to have a super eclectic room filled with everything and anything that inspired me. It didn’t matter if patterns clashed or if colors weren’t complimentary, the point was that my style would be completely unique to ME. The common theme would emerge as distinct because it was everything I fell in love with and that inspired me.  But putting together this fabulously bohemian room is kind of hard when you are trying to do it on a budget. So who else do you turn to expect your mother! I definitely swooped on her entire bedroom collection and claimed everything she owned as my own. Thanks Mom!

I started with her vanity. I knew that this piece needed a MAYJAH overhaul. It had a good structure to it, but it was terribly antiquated and Frumpy McFrumperson. So we sanded that bitch down to her barest layer primed her, took off those tacky little decorative florets that decorated the front and finally gave her a super fun modern color. I have to be honest and say that all of this sounds like I was some sort of weekend warrior. In fact, I was absolutely terrified of doing any kind of sanding or painting or priming. I’m unfortunately not one of those crafty kind of people who has complete confidence in whatever kind of crafts that they do. I’m NO Martha Stewart. I’m the type of person who wants it to come out looking right, but I am so afraid to make any mistakes that I will usually end up not doing anything at all. I have a history of never progressing past the daydreaming stage. But as you can see in the before and after picture, the vanity at least came out looking different. If not 100% “perfect” it is still a huge improvement than what it was.

The other DIY project I overtook was the Dresser that also came from my mom’s collection. Allegedly she had had this dresser ever since the mid 70’s and it came her way through my uncle who had given it to her because he was getting a new dresser. And before him, he got it in an estate move. Soooooo needless to say, this thing has been around. Since I was going BOLD with the vanity, I decided to be a little more subtle with the dresser. I felt like the dresser needed a more feminine touch. So I went with a buttery ivory. However, for this one I decided I try out spray paint, and I’m still not completely sold on the medium. Maybe for smaller scale pieces I could see it working, but maybe not for an entire dresser. It kind of came out splotchy. But then someone pointed out that it looks vintage-y. So where does Vintage Shabby Chic inspiration end and “huge mistakes” begin? Again, I reiterate. I am NOT Martha Stewart. She would never admit defeat when it came to repainting old furniture.

But whatever, that part is done and over with! And over the past month or so I have discovered what a legitimately COOL city San Francisco is when it comes to fairs and markets. In August I went to the Renegade Craft Fair with my roommate Nikki and I have never wanted to be a millionaire so badly in my life. I just wanted to buy EVERYTHING in all the booths! It really was the best eye candy I’ve ever beheld. And I bought this pretty cool print! Then a few weeks later was the Alamo Square Park Flea Market. And while I felt that the market was a little more garage sale than flea market, they really did have some cool stuff. I bought some cool silver canisters and a print and my roommate bought an awesome purple wingback chair.

So all in all, I guess the best way to describe my disappearance from my blog would be to say that I’ve been in transition. Almost how a caterpillar retreats into the chrysalis and emerges a butterfly, so have I also retreated into the realm of the domestic interior and am at least trying to emerge as something a little better. Again, its all about Cha-Cha-Changes.


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