Top 5 Tingles: October

So I know I have a lot of internet penance to do for not keeping up my blogging. I have definitely been taking a leave of absence from my duties when it comes to writing this blog. In fact I don’t even want to think of all the months that I have skipped. But to make up for it, I’ve been thinking long and hard about October’s tingles. It doesn’t come as a surprise to the people who know me that my favorite month/time of the year/ period of my life is the October Fall extravaganza known as “Fall/Halloween”. Everything about this time of year makes my soul happy. I love the colors, the smells, the tastes, the ambiance, the EVERYTHING. However, this year mother nature has decided to be a MAJOR cock-block and sent a ridiculous heat wave San Francisco’s way and therefore impeded my ability to throw myself fully into the Autum weather. As I write this blog, I am sittign in my office in 90 degree heat. This does not conjure up scenes of leaves falling and pumpkin patches. Instead all I want to do is lie by a pool with a cocktail like its summer. I’m so over this heat I can’t even tell you. I’m itching for foggy days and warm sweaters.

So, hopefully by writing about all the things that are making me long for the fall weather, somehow I will be transported out of this heat and into a much cooler frame of mind.

Look at that War Time Hottie!

1.) Old Photographs A while ago my roommate and I went to the Alamo Square Flea Market and came across some major finds. Amongst them was a huge cardboard box filled to the brim with old photographs. Many of them were German and I suspect they were family photos that were brought over by German immigrants either in the 20’s or 40’s and since lost in the flea market swirl. My roommate and I literally sat down on the curb for half and hour and just rifled through the entire box, plucking out original awkward family portraits, bizarre settings, or simply moving pictures. All in all we walked away with a pretty hefty handful of pictures. While we were sitting down going through these lost generations and forgotten memories a woman came up to us and asked us what we planned to do with these pictures. I told her that I liked the idea of taking these old family portraits, wedding photos and baptism pics out of obscurity and giving them a new life. I can’t imagine that anyone in these pictures is still alive. And obviously these moments meant a lot to them. They were such important days that they had to be recorded. I like to think that by giving them prominence in my own home, in my own world – I can give them a new life. Their memories will live again through me and my home. The worst thing in the world that I can think of is to be forgotten. This is a way of bringing these people back to life.

Its so bizarre! I love it!

2.) Vintage Medical Prints My other Roommate is deeply invested in the medical field. While the other 3 of us were history of art majors, Shelly on the other hand is strictly medical. She works at SF General in the neuroimaging department. She also has a vast collection of phrenology prints and cartology prints. I think that this interest really borders her field with mine. The detailing and mapping out of anything requires both an artistic eye as well as a very precise and secular one. This is why I am finding myself more and more drawn not only to cartology but also to the antique medical prints of old medical techniques. I find it absolutely fascinating what kind of advances there were in the medical profession around the turn of the century and how they choose to document all these changes. I know I’ve touched on this topic earlier with my Phrenology post, however, I really do find all of this stuff fascinatintg and it always deserves a second and third look from different perspectives. Some of the discoveries were truly beyond their time and should be acknowledged. And while these prints do offer that keyhole into past scientific methods and theories, they also offer quite a bit of beautiful and intricate art to look at. I’ve found so many that are gorgeous, its hard to decide which one to buy!

Prohibition Era Speakeasy

3.) Speakeasy’s If you’re like me and wait patiently each Monday for the Sunday episode of HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire” to be posted up on Megavideo – then you kow what I’m talking about. I’m LOVING the whole prohibition and speakeasy vibe going around these days. A part of me has always loved this era. So many things happened! The end of WWI, the Great Depression, Women’s vote, Prohibition! How can you not love this decade?! I guess this makes sense of why I’ve been a flapper the past 3 years for Halloween! But something about the whole speakeasy era just speaks to me. I’m such a sucker for secret passwords, hidden cubbyholes, moving walls, secret rooms and of course inventive escape routes! After watching a few episodes of the making of “Boardwalk Empire” that detailed the historic speakeasy’s of New York and Chicago, I’ve decided to try and find some authentic ones around my neck of the woods. Of course everyone knows about ‘Slide‘ but the few times I’ve been there I felt that it was disappointing and lack luster. Kind of too mainstream. I also know of ‘Bourbon & Branch’ a super authentic speakeasy which still requires that you know the password to enter (spoiler alert: it never changes *BOOKS*) and still has a working secret library room for private events. I’d love to go here, but word has it (on Yelp) that this place is WILDLY overpriced and a little snooty about their establishment. I think I just hankering for what everyone wants. A low down “joint”. A place where everyone’s cool and you can just fahgettaboutit.  If anyone knows of a historic establishment that can offer this laid back atmosphere, holla atchyo boy! I fully understand that what I’m looking for is pretty much an anomaly, but I can still hold out hope.

A GORGEOUS hanging Terrarium that I'm dying to own!

4.) Terrariums I never really got into the whole  Tamagotchi or Giga Pet craze. I never could figure out how to feed my pet and they always ended up dying. So I was over it before I could even get into it. However, I could understand why people wanted to obsess over these digital pets. It was about fostering a little world which you can manipulate and where everything is in minature. There is something very appealing about this idea. This is partly why I’m sooo drawn to Terrariums. I love the idea of an actual self contained world that is organic and living – NOT digital. You can care for it, help it grow and if the mood suits, kill it. But why would you want to? They are so gorgeous to look at! Everytime I see a terrarium I want it! Its the new Tickle me Elmo. My roommate wants a uber minature Terrarium necklace. I can’t even imagine how cool this

A crate full of pumpkins = Heaven!

5.) Pumpkins! How can you not fall in love with everything about this glorious month? For me October conjures up memories of school days, pumpkin carving, picking out the best costume EVER!, scarecrows, cider and of course the best addition to fall – the Pumpkin Spice Latte! So whenever I bid adieu to the summer it is with a bittersweet heart, however, I remember that my absolute favorite time of year is just around the corner! I love this month more than I can possibly say! In fact…I don’t think I’ll say too much about it so that people won’t read this later and realize that I am a NUT for October/Halloween! But just know. I’ve been waiting all year long for this month. And the fact that I get to finally indulge in my long time life long love…pumpkins? Well, that only makes the deal that much sweeter!


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