What a ‘GIGANTIC’ Week!

MAN-O-MAN! What an intense past week this has been. I mean, it really is so huge that you HAVE to mention it. You have to say somehting!

The View from our window onto Market Street. The entire street was flooded with people!

I think that everyone who knows me, knows that I’m not a HUGE sports fan. I mean, I don’t know statistics and I wouldn’t just watch ESPN out of choice if I weren’t at the gym. However, I love an underdog story as much as the next person. I love to see a comeback. And then fact that I’ve been able to see one of the most amazing sports stories of all time from the comfort of my front steps has been one of the craziest experiences of my life.

As everyone knows by now – the amazing ,the unstoppable, the BAD-ASSES themselves, The San Francisco Giants completely kicked major ass in the World Series and won the Championship against the Texas Rangers! I can’t even begin to tell you how much buzz and life has been in the San Francisco air. Everywhere I went for the past couple of weeks, everyone was wearing Orange. In every shop window and in every cab were the sacred phrases, “Fear the Beard” and “Tuck Fexas”. Lincecum and Wilson were now revered names said with reserved honor and pride.

On game nights you didn’t even need to watch. All you needed to do was stand out on the street and wait to hear the roars coming from inside the countless homes on your street. And then of course, wait for the barrage of fireworks that could be heard all the way from the Marina! These past couple of weeks – spotlights have continuously roamed the sky letting all in the city know that this is the home of the Giants. Public buildings have been bathed and taken over in an orange glow. Coit Tower is a tall beacon of our city’s baseball pride. City Hall has been transformed into the headquarters of Giants Mania.

I have never before seen this city come together so wholeheartedly and so entirely to support one another. We have been so filled with pride and excitement that it has been one of the greatest things to watch! And not only to watch, but to be a part of! I have loved every minute of it. From shutting down Haight/Ashbury after the Giants won and blocking buses and traffic from coming through, to celebrating our historic moment at our local neighborhood bar that really felt more like being in a sold out concert than watching a baseball game, to our whole office shutting down so we could go watch the parade at a clients office! This really has been one of the greatest and most exciting past weeks ever!

Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this Giants!


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