Ugggh. This Family. I can’t…

A pack of Brats

I have not been a fan of this family for a while. In fact since I can remember, I never really liked Jada Pinkett Smith. I just never saw that attraction. To me she never really screamed feminine. She just seemed like a petite dude who is overbearing and loud. Loud, just like her husband. But, whatever. Jada never really had much of a career (Oh, excuse me. There was that one) and because of this blessed fact, she was never very much in the spotlight. But now her offspring are taking to the limelight like parasites to its host.

Ugggh…I really just can’t with this family anymore! I mean, when Jaden Smith first hit the scene in “The Pursuit of Happyness”, I think everyone was captured by the fact that Will Smith was acting in a movie with his son. And like everyone (at first) he did seem really cute and like a good little actor. But then the Smith Clan hit the press junket circuit. I remember watching the two on Oprah and thinking to myself that this kid was terrible. He was all of 6 years old and cockiest asshole child I’d ever seen. And Will was so encouraging of that behavior that the whole interview was kind of bizarre.

These two...

But now, that Jaden is a “Movie Star”, he has graduated to doing press and marketing all be himself like a big boy! Yeah, he likes to think that he’s a big boy but in fact he is still a HUGE DOUCHE! Particularly evidenced by that Letterman clip. Except that now he isn’t a 6 year old brat (with an excuse) now he’s just an 12 year old with the Ego and attitude of 28 year old (Lord help us!) As if one Smith child progeny wasn’t enough – now Willow Smith has declared herself the new Pop Star/Rihanna wannabe in music! (Side Note: Can I just take one minute to recognize how completely narcissistic it is to name your children after your own names? Its one thing if it’s a family name. It’s a whole other to name your children “Jaden” and “Willow”. I’d hate to even think about the mash-up names that didn’t make it.)

I love how Willow is now touting herself as the newest fashion plate and “it” girl of Hollywood. What baffles me more is that the Media is actually eating it up! Has everyone completely lost their minds and forgotten that this child is only 9 years old?! At 9 years old, the only thing this kid should be doing is going to school and enjoying her childhood! But then again, seeing how this family seems to be more concerned with accruing fame than actually raising their children to be decent members of the human race, it isn’t surprising that even Willow is willing to admit that she doesn’t go to school and that she’s not at the same academic level of her peers. Bitch is too busy whipping her hair.  

Bitch better Whip Her Hair into some math classes!

I think what kills me more, is that these two actually think that they’ve earned all their “success”. News flash youngins, you didn’t earn shit. Your parents bought it all for you. If your last name wasn’t Smith and if your daddy wasn’t the Fresh Prince, you would be just another 12 and 9 year old in school. WHERE YOU BELONG! These two only put a spotlight on how shallow the depths of childhood reach when you grow up with family “in the business”. This is only one more example of how you can hype your own legend through nepotism and privilege. This has all of a sudden become the sudden precedent in young hollywood (I’m looking at you Destiny Cyrus {I refuse to call her Miley. She will and should always go by her government name}, Rumor Willis, Montana Fishburne etc.) Here is a novel idea! How about you go out and work hard and earn it all for yourself instead of relying on your name to carry you? Because when you do that, it makes you a freak show. But if you work hard and make it through your own anonymity – then that makes you deserving of success. Until then (and that will never happen for these two) stop acting so entitled. You aren’t THAT good!


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