Themed Engagement Photos

Hmmm…I’m not quite sure how I feel about this new trend emerging in the Wedding world. (Which lets just admit it, the Wedding World is its own complete sub-culture)

A Hitchcock inspired love affair

I love checking out all different kinds of blogs and a lot of the posts I see will be of wedding ideas, reception parties and engagement photo shoots…(just because that’s where most people will decide to splurge and do a big event – not because I’m a creeper and looking at wedding blogs…). And aside from Anthropologie inspired weddings, there are actually a lot of great ideas out there and a lot of fun ways to celebrate your first  3-year long marriage. I’m not even going to indulge my negative side and comment on how much money people spend on their dresses, flowers and venues only to end up divorced in less than 10 years. I’m not going to do it. Instead I’m just going to say, that a themed engagement photo shoot is a super cute idea, however, maybe doesn’t quite convey the message that you’re 100% serious about getting married?!

I mean, I can’t even really say that. When else would the normal average person get to hire a professional photographer and have their own photo shoot specifically for them?! Not many…so I understand that you would want to take this opportunity to do something totally cool like the “North By Northwest” themed shoot. And I can even see that for a young couple, the “Alice in Wonderland” themed shoot is really adorable (even though I won’t really get into the Lolita-esque implications of romantically pairing Alice and the Mad Hatter together) And I can appreciate the dreamy and chimerical quality of these fantasies and fairy tales just like anyone else. I really love how the Wonderland shoot used details from the story in really subtle yet timeless and classic ways. I love the idea of making the Mad Hatter a romantic hero and placing the tea party in the middle of an imaginary utopian forest. So cute! So lovely! So sweet!

Alice In Wonderland

However, there is a flip side to all of  this… While it may be the trend right now to indulge in your very own Vogue inspired photo shoot to put your love on display for all the world to see (and mostly to rub their noses in) doesn’t it also seem a little kitschy? I mean, dressing up and looking glamorous for a photo shoot is never a bad thing. But I tend to think it crosses the line when you are dressing up to play a character and portray someone other than yourself – ESPECIALLY when the whole point of these pictures is to show how two people came together and feel in love with each other. Not how two people dressed up like Noah and Allie from “The Notebook” and took some pics together. (Plus, do you really want to compare your future to “The Notebook”?! That’s seriously playing with fire. Don’t tempt fate.) The whole purpose of engagement photos is to introduce yourselves as a future married couple. So why taint it with costumes and cheesy movie mirroring? This is supposed to be about you, not about your love for Audrey Hepburn and how much you want to be JUST LIKE HER! And I’m not afraid to say it. If you are really willing to dress up like characters from your favorite movie or book – is that really demonstrating how serious you are about marriage? Perhaps themed photo shoots are the just the first signs of how complacent people are getting about the institution of marriage. It used to be something that was taken very seriously. It used to be for LIFE! But now it seems like it has just become one big excuse to make everyone around you pander to your every whim while you dance under the spotlight to K-Ci & JoJo and watch as your best friends pretend to like their incarnadine mess of a bridesmaids dress. I bet you anything that all these bitches in these photo’s went on to be the biggest Bridezillas Ever! (I’m looking directly at you – Asian Audrey Hepburn…) Being a bride used to mean that you got to be princess for a day. But who wants to be something so cliché? Why not be Bella from Twilight?!


With that said…I leave you with one final thought. It needs no other comment than to just say…Willy Wonka Themed Engagement Photos.


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