Singing Alonging

I don’t know what it is about this. Most of the people who know me know that I am not your normal cheery-bubbly-gumdrop type of girl…yet I simply can’t control myself!

The Sound of Music Costume Contest

There is something about this shit that I just can’t help. For the past couple of months, I have been LOVING the Sing-A-Long series at The Castro Theatre in the Castro District. I guess it stems from my deep seeded love of musicals that was nurtured very early on, yet thankfully, never really had a chance to sprout to any other places of my black cynical heart. Sure, Disney definitely played a huge part in my musical education (mostly in thanks to a singing crustacean) But for the most part I really owe all the credit to the first musical I watched and fell in love with, “The Sound Of Music“. I can remember being a very young girl (probably around 3 or 4) and watching that movie over and over again. I have the clearest memory of being so little and living with my mom in our house on Dolores St in SF and watching TSOM on video cassette (’88) and the first cassette ending (it was a duel video set) and running to my mom all in tears that the movie was over. And I can very clearly remember her giving me a side-eye like I was retarded or something and putting in the second cassette before rolling her eyes…hence I learned from that day on to always check the running time before I got back to my mom crying.

So with that indelible love of all things Nuns and Nazis, I carried on my love of musicals onto shows like Cabaret, Chicago, Anything Goes, West Side Story, An American in Paris and the list goes on and on. A couple of months ago with my friend Rachael I decided to join in the Castro Theatre’s Sound of Music Sing-A-Long. Really not knowing what to expect we were very pleasantly surprised to be suddenly thrown into such a vaccum of cheerful die-hard fans, costume contests, goodie bags and Wurlitzer pre-shows. It was simply amazing to be able to sing along with all the songs that really made up the foundation of my childhood. And afterward, both Rachael and I came out on such a high that I simply had to have more!

The Little Mermaid Pre-show

A couple of weeks later their next show was the Sing-a-Long “Little Mermaid” and again…this movie has ties close to my heart (It was the first movie that I saw in theaters) I remember being in Kindergarten and wishing that I was born with red hair (and perfect seashell breasts…) and to this day, I still own my Little Mermaid beach towel that I’ve had ever since 1989! So again, it was to my surprise that I was thrown into the sing-a-long scene with as much fervor as my first experience. Little girls A PLENTY were dressed up as Ariel, and many adults really got into the spirit as well – dressing up as King Triton or Sebastian. Even though I hadn’t seen Little Mermaid for…probably 15+ years (??) all the songs kept flooding back to me and I really felt like I was time warped to an age that I had all but forgotten. And that age was 6.

So you can only imagine my utter delight when lo and behold, the next upcoming Sing-A-Long was “THE WIZARD OF OZ“!! And let’s be honest here kiddies. Everyone, no matter where you come from, no matter your creed, race or religion…EVERYONE loves the Wizard of Oz. We are practically trained in vitro to love and revere The Wizard of Oz. Everyone knows the songs, the lyrics…the everything. So of course I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go and bring my cousin Jenna who used to have a WOZ shrine in her room! And it really was so great to see that iconic film up on the big screen. So absolutely worth it! I never really realized how over the top campy WOZ is. I always just took it at face value and never really read too much into it…but very interesting to be able to see it again as an adult…

Now with 3 Sing-a-longs under my belt I don’t really feel like I’ve satisfied any kind of “itch” or need inside of me. Instead, I find that I am even more eager to go to as many Sing-a-long’s as possible! Especially when the next one is “Beauty and the Beast“…how can you possibly say no?!


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