Private Battles

I once heard a saying that always kind of stuck with me.

“Always be especially kind to those around you. You never know what private battles they might be fighting”

This week those words have especially sunk in and hit close to home. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been going through a funk. It really has no origin or particular starting point. It just came on all of a sudden and I couldn’t help but being a complete BITCH to everyone around me. I just couldn’t deal and couldn’t pretend to be nice to people when in reality I was on edge. I knew I was being unnecessarily mean. I felt bad after everytime I lashed out and I wanted to know when this would end. Thank God the funk is finally filtering out, but in its wake I feel even worse. My best friend who I love dearly is in the hospital nearly every day caring for her mother who is in the ICU. I feel like I should have been there and should have been her rock rather than her comforting me through my “whatever” period. Because in the long run, the things that stress you out (traffic, money, work) don’t matter. It’s your relationships, your friendships and your family that mean the most. So even though you might have something thats bugging you going on, you never know what the rest of the world is facing in private. You never know what struggles and situations they are dealing with, and a little kindness from can go a long way. A lesson I need to be reminded of from time to time . . .

In Memory of Ladye Susan Brown


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