Top 5 Tingles: August

I’m so ashamed that my last Top 5 Tingle post was back in December (ACK!) Embarrassing to admit I know. But there have just been so many inspiring and interesting sites, blogs, books and artists I’ve been coming across that I couldn’t stand it anymore. I simply have to share!

1. Gareth Pugh: The Golden Boy

Fabulous eye details applied by Alex Box only enhance Pugh's aesthetic

Continuing the theme of my last post and my obsession with gold lately, I’ve found the perfect golden inspiration in Gareth Pugh. His FW 11 collection is nothing short of a golden sci-fi dream. Looking back to when his collection first showed it becomes easy to see how his style has influenced all of pop culture in the few months since it was first seen. Aside from his exquisite sharp, angular lines done in brilliant metallics what I love most of all is the make up applied by Alex Box. Laser cut fabric in gold or a bright turquoise were applied to the eyes to mirror the same profiles of Pugh’s collection. What I specifically love about Pugh’s direction of is that it was inspired by “Religious Iconography and Florentine Opulence”. Can’t you just see it? Its so reminiscent of armor, a crusades warrior or a modern Medici Duke. So brilliant. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the clear identity in this collection through asymmetric patterns, line and of course art historical references. Please, Please watch the fashion video that accompanies this collection and you will immediately see why this designer is a genius!

2. Korres

Lovely products!

While in Greece this summer I discovered my new favorite indulgence. Korres is an all natural skin care line that is so above and beyond fabulous that I feel indulgent just writing down their name. The entire time I spent in Mykonos I lathered my sun-drenched skin daily in their Vanilla Cinnamon body milk. With pharmaceutical and homeopathic roots the company has a passion  for all natural herbs, extracts and ingredients. Not only is it Greece’s fastest growing skin-care line, but I swear their products work. Or it could be a purely psychological aspect in that you just feel better using their products. I picked up a FABULOUS layering mascara, and wild rose brightening cream/moisturizer that I use every day!

3. Fiji/Muchi Muchi

One of my favorite colors right now: Fiji

This summer I’m all about Essie’s Fiji and Muchi, Muchi. For weeks now I’ve been switching on and off from these two colors. I almost can’t decide which color I like the best. Fiji has a thicker coat and is more white/pink while Muchi, Muchi is described as a creamy luscious pink with a hint of mauve. Anyone who knows me knows that I love having my nails painted. For me its a present to myself. Most people don’t notice what your nail color is, but for me its that added boost I like to have to make myself feel put together and ready for whatever comes at me. I’m also dying to add to my color collection with basically all of Essie’s coral colors. Dream!

4. Russian Caravan Tea Perfume

Love the smell of tea? Why not wear it all day long?!

Who doesn’t love a spot of tea on a cold winters day (which is basically every day during the San Francisco summer months) The warm herbal steam filling your lungs and making you warm from the inside out. Well now CB I Hate Perfume, Perfume Shop (great name P.S.) is offering the constant warmth you get from a cup of tea all day long. Their new scent Russian Caravan Tea is filled with scents of smoked black India tea, bergamot with a hint of “shelves of old books”. I love that description. Who doesn’t want to smell like tea in a library?? Its so Zhivagian.

5. Summer Heights High

The array of Chris Lilley's characters is sublime!

Oh Holy Jesus. Where do I begin…
My friends Sarah and Liz let me in on the secret of the fabulosity known as ‘Summer Heights High’ and the genius of Chris Lilley while on our Grecian holiday. I had never heard of this show before, but after hearing them recite lines and scenes from the shows characters, Ja’mie King and Mr. G, I knew that that was RIGHT UP MY ALLEY! The Australian show centers around a public high school and centers on 3 characters – all played my the masterful Chris Lilley. Ja’mie King is a snobby private school rich girl finding herself at Summer Heights High for 1 term through an exchange program. Jonah Takalua is a Tongan misfit illiterate who only wants to break dance and tell all his teachers to “Fuck Off”. And Mr. G is the wildly gay drama teacher looking to constantly steal the limelight away from anyone in the school including his own students. This Australian Mockumentary is too hilarious to ever try and encapsulate. To give you an idea of how brilliant it is, I have been rifling through youtube video after youtube video for 2 hours now trying to find the most perfect clip to illustrate my love for this show. They’re all fabulous. So trust me when I say, WATCH ALL THE EPISODES!


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