The Final Scene

Last night I got to partake in a centuries old tradition that I’ve always wanted to experience. THE OPERA!


I’ve always wanted to have a night “at the opera” but for whatever reason haven’t yet had a chance to go. Not only was last night my first time going to the Opera, but what a better way to introduce yourself to such a revered art than to experience through Puccini’s famous “Turandot” featuring the classic Nessun Dorma. Not only did the SF Opera completely blow me away with their super saturated color palette and vibrant costumes, but the singers Irene Theorin (Turandot) and Marco Berti (Calaf) had the most powerful and moving voices. They not only embodied the roles of the bitter ice-cold princess and lovesick prince, but their performances were charged with poetry, drama and passion. Every element that you need in order to bring a masterpiece to life.

Breathtaking costumes and makeup

I firmly believe that everyone should have access to the arts. It should not be a province of the rich. We should all have it.
So on that note:
The San Francisco Opera is partnering with the San Francisco Giants and Webcor Builders to bring the Opera to AT&T Park!
Sunday, September 25th at 2:00pm you can go down on the field and watch Turandot on Park’s HD screen tucked under a blanket and eating a dog and a beer (HEY! It’s the ballpark after all!)
Then you can see for yourself how intricately detailed the imperial costumes, sets and makeup are and how wonderfully the SF Opera embodies this timeless Puccini classic.  
For more information follow this link  

Opera at AT&T Park


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