Top Five Tingles: September

I am actually really excited about this month’s top 5 tingles. I’ve been kind of editing and rearranging the list back and forth adding new ones and crossing others out. So I hope you like what’s making me excited in September!

Reed and Greenough Sitting Area

1. Reed and Greenough
Last weekend I went with a few friends this newly opened bar in the Marina. I can’t tell you what a pleasant surprise it was to walk into this hip, retro-tastic scene. I instantly fell in love and because of that had to be number one on my top 5 tingles list. Reed and Greenoughhas this completely unique modern retro vibe that is hard to pinpoint at times. Parts of it are so completely hip with their animal print cushioned chairs, fantastic individualized lighting and hand crafted stools and tables. But all of those elements are mixed to perfection with antique leather sofas, perfectly lighted old bookshelves, pool tables and a collage of prints and paintings adorning the walls. I have to say that my favorite drink there is the Moskow Beret. A modern twist on the Moskow Mule (an all time fave) with a balsamic reduction, rasberry puree and mint. YUM! R&G is the perfect place to hang out with friends…basically any day of the week. A MUST TRY!


2.BH Cosmetics

Some of the BH palettes

A few weeks ago my roommate brought up the idea of having a Halloween Party. Well, I won’t even go into the crazed flurry that my heart went out on when I heard those two magical words…”Halloween” and “Party”. Dreams really do come true. I’ll dedicate more postings to the prep and theme inspirations that are acting as the foundations of this party a little later on. But for now, I’ll tell you how I came across my next tin5le. I’ve decided that for this years Halloween I really want to dress up as a sugar skull/Dia de los Muertos figure. So I’ve been watching non-stop youtube videos on how to do just the right kind of makeup and how the decorations should go. After watching a bunch of tutorials I kept noticing that many of the videos kept highlighting the same product line over and over again. BH Cosmetics kept popping up. I had never heard of them before but all the reviews I looked up had nothing to say but great things. After looking at their product line I decided I needed and had to have the 120 color palette (both 2nd and 3rd editions!) After getting them in the mail I can completely attest. Their colors are magnificent and bright and SUPER pigmented. You really don’t need to put too much powder on your brush for ultimate color. Since I got my palettes last week I’ve been trying out so many different looks. And so far I’ve gotten at least 4 people comment on my makeup. Doesn’t sound like a lot – but  considering I just got the palettes last week…its kind of a big deal. After the palette’s I got their brush collection and blush palette. The brushes are amazing and for a low cost. There is no fallout and they all work wonderfully. Their bristles are super soft and really apply the color smoothly and evenly. I can’t recommend BH cosmetics enough. I’m dying to try out their neutral palette and their camouflage palette next!

My Love!!

3. Animal Print Flats
Nothing is hotter right now than Animal prints. You can’t swing a dead cat around without knocking over something animal printed. I have admit, that while not a historically big fan of the print, I’m super smitten this fall season. From pencil thin cheetah belts, to ab fab leopard bags, nothing is screaming out FALL FUN like animal prints. One of my favorite uses of all this color right now are ballet flats. Every time I’m on the bus or walking down the street, I can’t help but get the tin5les every time I see a wild flash of animal down below! With so much abundant foot fun on the shelves right now, it’s all I can do to contain myself from buying it all!

AKQA San Francisco

For very personal reasons which I shan’t go into at this moment in internet time, I recently came across this company that I’m simply wild about. AKQA is a creative agency specializing in interactive marketing. They have done incredibly fascinating projects that range from X-Box to Nike to Visa. Not only is their work completely innovative (they’ve been named Agency of the Decade by Revolution) but their office spaces are worth of a creative environment. Mega Like.

5. Beirut
I’ve always heard of this band but for whatever reason, never actually heard any of their music. Well this past week I was turned on to their album and I find myself head over heels. I love the melancholy brass band sounds along with the lead singer Zach Condon’s timeless voice. I suppose I could talk more about them, but I think it would be better to let them show you instead.


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