Top 5 Tingles: October

OH HAAAY favorite month out of the year! Where did you come from?? So far I’m loving this Indian Summer that October has bestowed on San Francisco. These past few weeks have seen their share of hot, autumn days and I’m loving the daily guessing game of “what should I wear today? Sweater? Or light shirt?” But aside from the warm weather, I’ve also been loving October for a whole different set of reasons. Most people who know me know that not only is this my favorite time of the year, but that my all time favorite holiday is coming up…HALLOWEEN! I’m so excited to be getting into the fall festivities – carving pumpkins, making butternut squash soup, drinking apple cider that I can barely contain myself! But I need some inspiration pieces to pair with my fall excitement! Here we go.

One of the best group costume ideas I've ever come across

1. Dia De Los Muertos
One of the first postings I ever did on this blog was about an amazing artist named Mis Nopales who does comical prints in the calavera style. I loved his work so much that I even have one of his prints hanging in my bedroom. So it should come as no surprise that when I brainstormed over which costume to choose for my apartment’s “Victorian Era Eerie Halloween Party” it was no question that I should be a Dia De Los Muertos Calavera! I have been researching non-stop about how to create this look and what is the best way to execute the make-up. I’m really surprised to learn how different each face is and how open to personal creativity and details they each are. Every face is kind of like a snowflake in that no two are exactly alike. I love seeing everyone come up with their own flourishes and designs and figuring out how I’m going to do mine. I also love this look from Lauren Gherardi. I adore the idea of a group of friends donning the look together and each person embodying a color. So precious but also cool!

Pumpkins amidst the coastal fog. Dream!!!

2. Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival
I feel like this one is a no brainer – but then again for me, it isn’t truly fall or October until the HMBPF rolls around. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been absolutely in love with the Pumpkin Festival. I’ve been obsessed with Half Moon Bay since I can remember. To me, HMB is a magical place. A place where nothing changes. The same people are working at my favorite nursery and deli. The stores all pretty much remain the same. I love that constant, eternal quality about this town. Also it reminds me of when my mom and I would play hookey from work and school and spend all day walking around Main Street and going to the nurseries. As an adult I am still in love with all the traditions that surround the Festival Weekend. I love waking up early, getting a pumpkin spice latte, driving through the coastal fog into the land of pumpkins. I wish I could carve out a place in time where this weekend lives forever. If I could, I would never leave! The Pumpkin Festival means that much to me…

Beauty of the Monarch

3. Bugs Under Glass
This year at the Pumpkin Festival I came across quite a few booths that I fell in love with. All the harvest inspired crafts really pique my interests and set me back to feeling like a kid again. One of the artist booths that I couldn’t stop thinking about after I left was the “Bugs Under Glass” display. How perfect to get into the Halloween spirit than with some creepy crawly insects! But the good thing is that these insects aren’t creepy at all. Instead they are so beautiful. The artist Kevin Clarke uses only museum quality materials and naturally deceased insects to create his works of art. Some of these butterflies are so exquisitely beautiful with their wide iridescent wings in the most inspiring range of colors. It’s surprising that colors this bright and spectacular can exist in nature. I love them all and I can’t wait to start up my own collection.

"Lets Get Knotty!"

4. Mercier Beaucoup
I have a pen pal! And no, I don’t mean an email pen pal. I mean a real actual, snail-mail, stamps and all, letters kind of pen pal. My old co-worker moved to Hong Kong and I missed her so much that I just had to start a letter writing campaign to keep her in my life. Unfortunately because she is in Hong Kong, all her stationary keeps blowing me out of the water. Every letter she sends me is so cute and fun, I just want to die. I’m starting to get a complex about how unoriginal all the stationary in the US is. Everywhere I go it seems like it’s the same old notecard style, the same old designs and the same old messages inside. I’m starting to get quite bored of the usually great offerings at my stand-by store,  Avant Card. Meanwhile, my other co-worker just told me about this store that her friend set up. After taking a look on her site I have to say that I’m in love with all these cards. The site even offers a monthly subsription package for those who are die hard stationary-philes like myself. This artists ideas and patterns are so cute and inspired. When writing a letter, you have to be inspired by the stationary that you’re writing on. And with these amazing designs under my pen – I could write for days!

Bon Matin Logo

5. Bon Matin
Of course I had to throw in a bit of the macabre to get us all in the Halloween spirit. I just came across with wonderful online shop called Bon Matin. Run by a small collective of artists and designers in Germany these screen prints and textiles tend to have darker and more sinister proclivities – which I love. For instance, I’m loving the skeletal dish towel that isprecise and academic… yet creepy. They also have a fantastic collection of posters, accessories and clothing. I fully suggest you check them out for a delightfully dark treat! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

Loving this dish towel!


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