Cheetah is the New Black

Welcome to the Jungle indeed!

I honestly thought I’d never say this, but animal print is making my life (try).
Everywhere I turn, those vibrant and exotic prints are turning every outfit and accessory into the biggest and best statement of the season.

So its only fitting that my new favorite blog is “Cheetah is the New Black” (as evidenced by the link love in the blogroll) This lovely blog is run by one of the most stylish beezies in the biz. Her affinity for animal print has, in my opinion, changed the fashion game this fall. I personally believe that it was her influence and her expressive uses of leopard and cheetah that has spearheaded this animal print craze for the past few months. I can’t think of anything more stylish than a sleek little black dress paired with a hawt pair of cheetah wedges. DREAM! In fact I’m hard pressed to think of any outfit in which a little GRRRROWWWL isn’t appropriate.

To Save?

The other day I decided that I needed to indulge in my own Le Tigre craze, so I decided make my paw my hottest accessory this week. I can’t tell you how many amazing compliments I’ve gotten from all kinds of people (Starbucks barista’s, the receptionist at my doctor’s office, randoms on the muni) I’m loving looking down at my nails each day and seeing this great print purrrring back at me. And this was relatively inexpensive to achieve. For a while now I’ve been eyeing those Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail strips. For $10 I was wary that the price would overlook the result. They would either be revolutionary or terrible.

Well thank goodness! I have to say that I have become a convert. These nail strips are incredible and of course a bargain compared to Minx. So far I’ve been rocking these nails for going on 6 days and there is no chippage. Unreal. I highly suggest you check out these decals for yourself. Compared to a salon mani you are basically getting the same effects!

Or to Splurge??

My next animal print obsession harks back to one of my Top 5 Tingles of September. I am determined to start up my own collection of exotic ballet Flats. This weekend I went in search of the perfect pair with no luck. It turns out that the world-wide web might be able to provide me with better luck. I’ve basically narrowed down my two favorite pairs but they each provide a predicament. To Splurge? (over $100) Or Save? (Under $30) What do you guys think?  


One thought on “Cheetah is the New Black

  1. Oh my goodness I just stumbled upon this post and I can’t tell you how sweet this is to read / find! So happy to hear you’re loving cheetah / leopard prints as much as me… and fab nails. xx

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