Top 5 Tingles: December (or put another way: my last minute X-Mas Wish List)

Who can believe that Christmas is just right around the corner. It seems like it was Thanksgiving but a few days ago. I feel like I’ve barely had a chance to get into the Christmas spirit. Therefore for the past week I’ve been blasting Christmas music all over my apartment, burning every Christmas scented candle imaginable and hovering near our beautiful Christmas tree every waking moment that I’m not at work. This Christmas more than any other I find myself really wishing I could be in a classically white winter scene. All I want is to be wrapped up in Flannel with a mug of cider in front of a glowing Christmas Tree while is gracefully snows outside. And watching “White Christmas” on TV is NOT helping. I’m totally in the same boat with Bing and Rosemary until the final scene when they open those stage doors and all of a sudden there’s snow. Assholes. I can guarantee you that we will NEVER open up our northern Californian doors to a winter wonderscape on Christmas. But alas, if I can’t have a White Christmas at least Santa can hopefully bring me something on my top 5 tingles list?? 


1. Echo Touch Gloves
If you’re like me and take public transportation to get to work gloves are a GODSEND for two reasons. Firstly, in the mornings it can be quite nippy and there is no better pleasure than warming your mitts while you ride into work. Secondly, buses are filthy. Have you ever seen the movie Outbreak? . . . I’m just saying. There are some pretty cutty characters riding along with you and any hand protection you have is key! But there has always been a downside to wearing gloves…how to keep texting, and playing music or angry birds in cold weather? Well Echo Gloves have solved that problem for you in style! They offer some great trendy styles with the technology built in to keep using all your iphones, tablets and other touch devices. I can’t wait to start building up my collection of these beautiful babies!

So many colors. So many Styles. How to choose?


2. “Audrey” Monogram Disc Bracelet
There is something so completely feminine and genteel about this gorgeous little trinket. Aptly named, this bracelet harkens back to the effortless style and beauty of icons past. Couldn’t you just see this lovely charm on someone like Grace Kelly, Betty Draper or even someone like Wallis Simpson
I can’t wait to add this Charmco gem to my budding bracelet collection. This would make a perfect stocking stuffer for any lovely lady in your life.

Delicate Perfection


3. Russian Collection by O.P.I
Anyone who knows me knows that I love gettin’ mah nails did. Its such a little pleasure in life that can make you feel so special. I rarely feel completely put together unless I have a manicured set of nails. I’m always on the lookout for new colors and new attitudes to go along with them. I’m a firm believer in the theory that the right nail color can change your state of mind. Its like buying a new pair of heels. It just gives you a little edge to take on the world! So I know that I’m late to the game, but I just came across two OPI colors from the Russian collection that swept me off my feet. “St. Petersburgandy” and “Vodka & Caviar” from the collection are the perfect shades of festive winter red. They go perfectly with any holiday party you might be attending. Plus these sultry steamy reds make any winter night a little hotter! (*Cue “Santa Baby“)

Its a Ruskie Invasion this Winter!


4. Shame
Since I’ve opened the door to talk of steamy winter nights I have to mention one of the most talked about movies in the past few weeks. Shame is a rather intimate film that takes a bold and uncensored look into the shallow and emotionless encounters of a sex addict living in New York. While many talk about this film in terms of being shaken by the explicit sexual scenes because they have ZERO intimacy and emotional depth, I actually found the film to be oddly personal. Michael Fassbender (in my dreams the “F’ is silent) plays Brandon a young business savvy executive who seems to have it all, except that we find out he has a crippling addiction. He is incapable of maintaining any personal relationships (even those with his sister played by Carey Mulligan). Instead he can only function personally and sexually with encounters between complete strangers. I saw this film with a friend of mine and I have to say that the film struck us both on different levels. Fassbender’s performance is riveting but I think that the message of the film also leaves you with a lot of lingering questions. For days afterward I was questioning my own proclivities, basis of cultural standards, where does the line get drawn between a strong inclination and an obsession? While this entry in the tin5les list might seem a little left field – lets be honest. This is my Christmas wish list. And (F)assbender is definitely ON IT!


6. Banana Republic Leopard Bag
I usually tend to have slouchy hobo type handbags and purses. Well, I’m over it. I’m desperate for a structured handbag that won’t flop and sling everywhere. But I’m also looking for simplicity and easy access. I’m positive I’ve found my ideal purse match in the Banana Republic Mad Men collection Handbag. It has structure, style and of course plays upon my new obsession: animal print. Oh Santa Baby! Won’t you please throw this little beauty down my chimney? Its even on sale! How could you say no!

Oh Yes! That one in the middle will do quite nicely, thankyou!


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