Un hommage à l’art

Before I get started I just wanted to acknowledge that this will be my 50th post! When I first started this blog a few years ago, I kind of half expected it to be an act of folly (can you tell I’ve been watching a Downton Abbey marathon this past weekend??) Knowing myself, I like to start things but as time goes on I forget about them and usually never pick them back up (read: gym memberships, learning to read tarot cards and about 4 books I’m currently in the middle of reading) but I’m so happy to say that this blog has not fallen victim to my own apathy about my creative outlets. WOO HOO! Here’s hoping for another 50 posts!

Anyways, back to the real task at hand. Anyone who knows me knows that art holds a very close place to my heart. In college I studied Art History, I lived in Italy for a few months studying the Italian proto and high renaissance masterpieces and of course my time in Amsterdam made me fall head over heels with Northern Baroque art. I LOVE ART. So of course I had an artgasm when I came across this link from BOOOOOOOOM! which challenged its readers to recreate a famous work of art using photography. There are a lot of great ideas and reinterpretations so I highly suggest you check them all out. Imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery is it not??

"The Two Fridas" by Claire Ball"The Two Fridas" by Frida Kahlo

"The Two Fridas" by Frida Kahlo

"Bedroom in Arles" by Joshua Louis Simon

"Bedroom in Arles" by Vincent Van Gogh"The Ship" by Justin Nunnink

"The Ship" by Justin Nunnink

"The Ship" by Salvador Dali

"Portrait of a Man in a Turban" by Loli

"Portrait of a Man in a Turban" by Jan Van Eyck

"Sunflowers" by Qi Wei Fong

"Sunflowers" by Vincent Van Gogh

"Pot Pourri" by Tania Brassesco

"Pot Pourri" by Herbert James Draper

"Self Portrait 1889" by Seth Johnson

"Self Portrait 1889" by Vincent Van Gogh


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