Send a Telegram to My Baby

Who knew you could still send Telegrams in the 21st century!

I think we all remember that scene in “Funny Girl” where Telegrams are such a rarity and so important, they can only mean one thing… someone has died!
Rapid methods of communication in the days were correspondence could take up to two weeks was a novelty and a revolutionizing method of correspondence. 

However, in today’s ultra modern, fast and instant world, Telegrams are almost laughable. They become so antediluvian in the face of emails, text messages, g-chatting and Facebooking that you can understand why they died out. But for those of us who long for relics of the past and carry an appreciation for the original revolutions in communication, you can lend your part to reviving a classic. I recently came across a very unique website called TelegramSTOP that allows people to still send out classic telegrams to loved ones. You can send them out domestically or internationally. Each telegram costs $6.45 (regardless of where its going) and you even have the option of sending pictures with your telegram. Simply enter your message – remembering to replace periods with [stop] and TelegramSTOP will print them out for you and post on traditional telegram stock. What better way to let someone know just how special they are by sending them a telegram?! I’m loving this idea!!


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