Top 5 Tingles: January

With the month almost at a close (my god! Seriously?!) its time to count down some of the coolest things that I’ve come across and that have been inspiring me this month.

1. Rent the Runway
I think we’ve all heard of Bag, Borrow or Steal as the go to source for renting out designer handbags and purses, but what about dresses? Men rent tuxedo’s all the time for their proms, weddings, or if you’re really fancy…gala premires. But what about the ladies?! Who wouldn’t want to parade around in a $5,000 frock for just one night of pleasure? Well now there is a site built to turn every fashion conscious woman into Cinderella for a night. Rent the Runway is an amazing site that allows you to rent anything from designer gowns, cocktail dresses, party frocks, day dresses…anything! You literally have a dream closet all at your fingertips. The best part is that you don’t have to murder your modest salary to get these wearable works of art. You have 4 or 8 days in your rental (and don’t worry, you always get another size up or down in your delivery in case it doesn’t fit) and then simply return via a pre-printed bag that comes with your package. SIMPLE! And it isn’t just dresses. RTR carries all accessories, spanx, makeup, clutches and jewelry to complete your look. Great idea!


What an innovative design!

2. The Seed Cathedral
Built for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, this innovative and gorgeous structure combines the futuristic style of something out of Blade Runner while harkening back to the roots of nature (literally) that is generally reserved for the Natural History Museum. Designed by Thomas Heatherwick, this pavillion at a first glance looks like an enormous pin cushion. But when you take a closer look, all surfaces (exterior as well as interior) are covered with slender transparent rods each encasing one or more seeds at its tip. The Designer says that he was inspired by “the relationship between nature and cities” and I agree that this is a reverent gesture enclosed in a beautifully structured form.  


A perfect way to stay organized

3. Envelope Journal
Its January. What is one of the most common New Years Resolutions? GET ORGANIZED! It happens to all of us. Chaos and clutter slowly slip back into our day-to-days. Well now there is a way to collect all those slices of life that you are too hesitant to throw away, but don’t really have a place for. Present and Correct is selling this amazing Envelope Journal that has little mini envelopes for each month of the year. There you can file your receipts, ticket stubs, business cards and other little scraps that you collect throughout the day. I am a fan of anything that promotes organization!


So beautiful it almost looks unreal

4. Gardens of Marqueyssac
In my last post I mentioned how this weekend I read Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice for the first time. I’m not lying when I say I fell in love with all the pomp and mannerism of Regency Era England. I also loved all the scenes of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy walking along the gardens of Rosings Park together. I can’t think of a more romantic setting for developing a young love. Strolling together in gorgeous and manicured gardens is truly the fruit of love. Swoon. So  it should come as no surprise that when I came across the Gardens of Marqueyssac I nearly fainted for I had found my dream lovescape. Who cannot walk amongst these gardens and want to fall head over heels?


I give this calendar an Orchid and an Acanthus!

5. Language of Flowers Calendar
In keeping with the romanticism theme, this calendar has been making its way around the blog circuit – and for good reason! The flora depicted on the calendar recounts a love poem written by a young man to his sweetheart in the language of flowers. Though we may not be aware of it today, every flower carries with it a secret meaning and during the Victorian era where emotions were stringently reserved, flowers were utilized as a way of expressing love and affection as well as a means of sending coded messages to each other in ways that might not have been possible to express through conventional language. This is an art that I very much wish DID NOT die out. I can’t imagine sending a friend or loved one a bouquet with your own unique and thoughtful message attached. To learn more about the secret meaning of flowers – or if you’d like to arrange a bouquet with your own coded message, check out this link to brush up on your flowers! Plus, why wouldn’t you want such a beautiful and sweet calendar to kick off your year right!


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