Tea For Two

Sometimes I feel so blessed to live in a city where there are so many creative and fun outlets. Anything you could possibly want to do or see is readily available.
One Saturday afternoon my friend and I were out and about in the city and decided that we needed a little break to rest our weary feet. However, we weren’t interested in having a full-blown lunch.
We needed a TEA TIME!

Crown & Crumpet Tea Salon

Surprisingly there are a number of Tea Houses in San Francisco that cater to those looking for a light bite and slightly more pizzazz than your average Starbucks. In San Francisco you are most likely to visit Leland Tea Co. or Samovar, but Rachael and I were looking for something a little more authentically English, and high tea at the King George Hotel or the Sir Francis Drake can run you around $50/person – a heavy weight on our light wallets. We decided to visit Crown & Crumpet Tea Salon and split the High Tea Service for One. Not only is C & C deliciously girly, fresh and pink but it is a feast for your feminine eyes. Every surface is swathed in light florals, their comfy sofas surround a most inviting hearth and their selection of teas compliments every little girls fantasy princess tea party (my favorite flavors are, “Alice’s ‘Drink Me’ Tea”, “Marie Antoinette”, and “Keep Calm & Carry On”) C & C’s selection of tea sandwiches are also quite delicious and not your run of the mill cucumber sangies. My favorite flavors would have to be the red pepper and pesto, Chicken Curry and the Dijon Turkey – yummy! The whole space is warm and inviting and being situated in the middle of Ghiradelli Square, you already feel like you are being treated like royalty. I would highly recommend C & C for any birthday parties, baby showers or just…because!

Lovejoy's Tea Room

I had so much fun at C & C with Rachael that the next weekend I decided to hit up one of the most popular Tea Houses in the whole City, Lovejoy’s. I went with my mom after we walked through the DeYoung’s Masters of Venice exhibit (which was incredible!) Lovejoy’s is a decidedly more authentic tea room. Stepping through the doors you truly feel as though you have been transported to a war-time London sitting room. You are almost overcome at all the floral patterns and lace and embroidery. Lovejoy’s scones are huge and delicious – almost worth the trip in and of itself. And their tea service for one is abundant to say the least, complete with tons of sandwiches, salads, and fruit. I can’t imagine what their service for two or three is like! Also their bottomless pots of tea left a soft spot in my heart! I highly recommend either room to visit as a cute way to catch up with old friends over a light bite a warm cuppa. You can never be too old for a tea party!


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