Top 5 Tingles: February

Even though this is the shortest month of the whole year and full of silly distracting holidays like Valentines Day – it does not mean that I am shirking my responsibilities when it comes to my Top 5 Tingles List. Quite the opposite. This month is chock full of awesome links, tid bits and art works that I’ve been tingling about for weeks! Check them out

1. Beauty Army

I love to try out new products and find out what the best beauty supplies out on the market are. And for me, samples are the best way to decide which ones work, which ones are the best and which ones aren’t even worth it. Beauty Army is a fantastic new service that I just came across that offers their members monthly gift boxes filled with personalized samples of the latest beauty supplies. The monthly subscription comes at a very low-cost and for those who fall in love with a particular product they can buy the full-sized version on Beauty Army’s site as well. Personally, I can’t wait to try out their dry shampoo, body polish and lip shield!

How lovely would it be to have this waiting at your doorstep every month?

2. Martha Stewart for Avery

There is something about color-coding, labeling and organization that just speaks to my heart. I absolutely LOVE to stack, sort and organize everything. At work it seems like there are endless opportunities to organize our filing systems and supplies. My only complaint is that the sterile and oftentimes bland labels and stationary you come across at normal office supply stores aren’t very inspiring. And the options that offer a bit more flair tend to be astronomically expensive. That is why I was so incredibly excited to learn about Martha Stewart Living’s new line with Avery Products. The Martha Stewart Home Office line offers so many beautifully crafted products to transform any home office. Their stunning product line offers anything from stunning mint shagreen journals, chalkboard sticky labels, weekly planners, and stackable home office organizers. I’m not ashamed at all to admit to spending almost all night exploring the site and imagining thousands of uses for these products! I can’t wait to try them out!

This entire collection is styled to perfection!

3. Nude Seamed Tights

With the weather in San Francisco turning so warm lately all my friends and I have been dusting off our summer dresses a little earlier this year. Unfortunatley, while the temperature outside might indicate that Summer is here, my pale legs certainly do not. I’m not ready to bare my winter legs yet without some sort of stocking. I’ve always felt that plain nude tights are a little boring. It needs a little something extra. Which is why one of my new favorite obsessions are classic nude tights with a striking back seam. I really can’t think of anything sexier than a long seam running up the back of  your legs and beyond. Not only do they elongate your figure, but in my opinion they also change your entire carriage. So classically sexy!

How Sessy! Why did people stop wearing these again??

4. Famille Summerbelle San Francisco Papercut
I adore all art that pays homage to my home, my heart, San Francisco. Anytime I see artists depicting my city in unique and interesting ways, I’m sold immediately. So when I came across French Papercut designer Famille Summerbelle’s new interpretation of this cities cartography – I could resist. This large work is lasercut on thick card stock and is incredible in all its minute and finite details about this city. I love how each neighboorhood is depicted and every inch is covered in some unique trait that makes this city one of the best in the world. This papercut truly touches my heart and I hope it will make yours Tin5le as well!

Creative Craftsmanship = SWOON!


5. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Last year I decided to embark on a literary odyssey by reading one of the fattest biographies of Abraham Lincoln that I could find. I’d love to say that I powered through it without any problems – but it did start to get pretty dense right around the 500 page mark and I did take a few months break. But overall I have been very impressed with the personal and professional life of our nations 16th President. Lincoln truly guided the US during one of its most difficult and tumultuous periods and for that I can’t help but take on a reverent tone whenever I’m discussing A. Lincoln. BUT, I also understand that his leadership and power can translate into almost any other form. Which is why I’m also very excited and looking very much forward to the new film Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Based on the popular book, Abe discovers that Vampires are planning to take over the United States and in an effort to protect our country, seeks to eliminate them. Lincoln is a bad-ass for LOTS of reasons, and now that he’s fighting Vampires with the help of Tim Burton, it only makes me that much more excited for this adaptation!


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