Saying Goodbye

After working at WB for 2 years, I had a pretty strong sense of their style when it came to introductions and farewells. Which is to say that they don’t stand on ceremony. In fact, its rare to have large heart-felt scenes in this office. And by no means am I try to put down the good folks on Grant Ave., it’s just that being in the industry that they are – often times deadlines take hold of your immediate attention and its harder to set aside time to say your goodbyes.

I knew this on my last day. In fact, I was (in all honesty) not expecting anything. I had been hoping for a card (maybe) but I knew that even that would be  stretch. But seeing the spread that they all put together for me was not only heartfelt and sincere, but touched me immensely. As I mentioned in the last post – goodbyes are always the hardest for me. Especially saying “so-long” to this lot. But it feels good to know that I have touched their hearts as much as they have touched mine.

Thanks for the memories – now on to bigger and better adventures 🙂



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