Lessons to Learn When You Join an Ad Agency

After having about a month of Media Planning in a world class agency under my belt, here are a few quick lessons I’ve learned along the way

1. Sobriety is NOT WELCOME
Expect to go out to a lot of Media Events, Publisher Meetings or wine-and-dine sessions where the party doesn’t stop! Also, embrace the keg on tap in the middle of the office. Its there for YOU! And never be surprised when you find a collection of shot glasses in your desk from the previous owner! Drinking in the office still happens at Ad Agencies. Its just mostly beer this time.

2. Math Skillz
All those lessons that you snoozed through in school? Maybe you should have taken better notes yeah? But most importantly, don’t doubt your abilities. Its your own insecurities that will fruition into truth. Never doubt your self.

3. Timing is Everything
There is no rest for the weary here. In fact sometimes it can feel like you are going at double speed. Everything is go, go, go. The faster you work, the better! But I have to be honest in that I’ve found that to be the most refreshing part. You can expect to get approvals the day you send in a submission. Such a change considering the background I came from.

4. Youth Rules
This has to be one of the youngest offices I’ve seen, let alone been in. The oldest person in here must be what?! 40?? But thats not a bad thing by any means. I feel like I am surrounded by my peers all the time and I feel like everyone is on an even footing. However, I will admit that it is a little strange to think that in a few years, I could be a senior account exec!

5. Expect to have A LOT of fun!
After only one month, I’ve already been to an Inter-Agency Bowling team, a Boozy SF Trolley Bar Crawl put on by MySpace, and next month is Ladies night at the Spa. And this is all covered by Publishers! I can hardly believe it. Also, don’t shy away from having a bean bag toss competition in the middle of the day with the set up in the middle of the office. The basketball hoop set up near conference room 8 is also a lot of fun 🙂

6. The Sky’s the Limit
There is no ceiling in this industry. Hard work and creativity will always be rewarded. As long as you have both the world is your oyster.

Disco Bowling and Boozy Trolley Ride all within a two week period!


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