Top 5 Tingles: April (Belated)

I understand that this post is a few days past the April cut-off, however, better late than never right?
In between trying to soak up an entire new industries knowledge/skill set, I fully recognize that I have been neglecting the blog. This leads me to my first tingle…

When trying to teach digital media to traditional planners its like:

1. What Happens In Media Planning
Do you love GIFS? Do you love it when someone else recognizes the audacity, ridiculousness and occasional turmoils of your current job? Well then look no further, because you have just found the site for you (if you are in Media Planning) I’ve been taking mental notes every now and then from conversations I’ve heard, jokes that have been made as well as observations that I’ve made myself  and frankly a lot of the them are perfectly mirrored in these hilariously curated GIFS. Many questions are now answered!

Life Changing

2. Spotify
I know, I know. I know what all you are thinking – is this that stupid thing that all of my Facebook friends are posting about? Trust me, this is not like Farmville. Spotify has completely changed my audio work life. All day long I listen to Spotify. It is the perfect cohesion of Pandora and GrooveShark. Spotify takes the limitless streaming capabilities from Pandora and marries them with the control of Grooveshark but with a much sexier interface as well as only high-quality versions of songs (something missing from Groove). For the past couple of weeks I choose specific artists that I’ve always wanted to delve deeper into and have immersed myself completely into their entire catalogues. This is truly the new way to discover music. I’ve been completely in love with Alex Clare’s entire album as well as discovering new favorite songs from old standby’s. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DOWNLOADING!

So disappointing its sold out 😦

3. Leather Cowl Neck Jackets
Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s definitely knew what she was talking about when she said, “So get your leather, leather, leather on on on…” in Zero. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect leather jacket to fend of the coming unpredictable SF summer weather. I need something that can be lightweight and at the same time provide great insulation. Normally leather jackets can tend to be too biker-looking and others are just…pathetically matronly. I’ve always loved the idea of a large over-sized  collar/cowl neck jacket that can zip up all the way and that looks cool while at the same time providing ultimate warmth with some knit detailing. Well, I think I’ve finally found the ultimate solution. Too bad its discontinued. Great.

you know you’re curious…

4. Fifty Shades of Grey
I’m not going to talk to much about this one, just because I started blushing even writing down the title. But let me just say, that if you haven’t read it yet – then you are REALLLLLLLLLLYYYYYY missing out. Seriously.


Our new dining room set complete with a bench we found on sale. Perfect for dinner parties!

5. Redecorating/Being a Grown-Up
YESSSSS!!! Its finally happening!  I AM SO EXCITED! The sad-hodgepodge-Frat that is my living room is finally getting a major makeover thanks to some communication between the roomies, a small budget and some sweat equity. When we first moved into the apartment, all of us were focused on getting our own rooms in tip top shape. The communal spaces were of course the last to be broached and even then our solution was pooling together all our odd family hand-me downs and blindly throwing them into the living room hoping that they would stick and make some semblance of order. Well, those days are long gone! After two failed attempts at getting our shit in order (and largely in part by rotating out one less than eager roommate for someone who has an appreciation for aesthetics) we are finally giving our apartment the much needed TLC it deserves. Already we have said “Adios” to the corduroy craigslist couches (thank god) and instead replaced them with a much nicer white loveseat and (my very first) BRAND NEW COUCH! Just delivered last weekend. I feel like such an adult getting new furniture. On top of that we have nixed the outdoor patio set that served as a dining room table and chairs and instead replaced them with a LOVELY new dining set.

I can start to tangibly feel myself getting better the more this apartment comes together. I can wait to show off the finished product for all to see 🙂


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