Deep in the Stacks

Autumn has fallen upon our fair city and I couldn’t be happier! September is an incredibly magical time full of Pumpkin Spice Lattes, neatly organized school supplies, boots and chunky sweaters. I must admit that seeing all the schools back in session and watching all the kids hopping on buses early in the morning does make me long for simpler times when all you had to worry about was who you would be assigned to sit next to for the year! Oh 6th grade…the emotional and sociological fallout that occurred when you had to sit next to the wrong person during math class could be dissected for years!

Every September makes me realize how much I miss school. And more specifically with Football season kicking off, I really REALLY miss college days. Moving into the dorms, rushing, staying up all night finishing that paper that is due tomorrow morning, cheering on our football team from the bleachers (while sipping on beer that we snuck in somehow!) I cherish these memories. I treasure all the times I spent in all the different campus libraries and poured through “original sources”. So as an homage to BACK-TO-SCHOOL – I’ve decided to make a bucket list of the world’s most beautiful libraries that I must visit before I shed this mortal coil. I could definitely get lost in these stacks for weeks at a time!

Suzzalo Library, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington

Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut

Iowa State Capital Law Library

The University Club Library, New York USA

Canadian Library of Parliament, Ottawa Canada

Jose Vasconcelos Library, Mexico City, Mexico

National Library of Moldova

Strahov Theological Hall, Prague, Czech Republic



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