Visiting Facebook Headquarters. I’m gonna go ahead and give this a “Like”

I’ve made a decision. I’ve decided that one day I will work at Facebook. Working in media it seems a natural progression that one day you leave the agency and move over to the publisher/sales side in order to have a holistic and well-rounded knowledge of advertising. Looking over the fence from the Agency side, we’ve all been watching and noting all the innovative changes that FB has been making to their advertising opportunities and especially changing how they’ve been interacting with large advertisers/agencies (which is a groundbreaking change in and of itself). I truly think that there is only more room for growth moving forward and I’ve made a decision that before my career is over I will have Facebook on my resume and be a part of that change. Done.

Sidenote: When my family first moved to California in the 70’s, they lived on Willow Road in Menlo Park, and now look who’s moved into the neighborhood! Facebook Headquarters – and they’re only going bigger and better with the help of Frank Gehry. The Bay Area really is the center of the digital world.


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