About Me


What is there to really say about me? In the ever-expanding world of social media, there becomes a premium and an imperativeness to brand yourself. What you say online and how you say it, is ultimately what your brand is all about. But whenever I come across these “Tell us about yourself” pages, I never accurately know how to brand myself. I mean, I’d hate to think that I fall concretely into one defined category. Like most people my interests expand and transcend most labels and classifications.

So my about me says this, I am in love with art. If I could marry something non-human (objectum sexual) it would be art as a whole. I studied the History of Art at my DREAM school UC Berkeley where I focused mainly in European Renaissance and Baroque subjects. I never played sports in school (except for a brief stint as a high-jumper on my middle school track team). Instead I danced Tap, Ballet and Jazz for 11 years. I am obsessed with Movies. If I ever cheated on my Husband, “Art” it would be with that whore, “Movies”. I can quote lines from obscure, foreign, 1-star, underrated and my childhood cult classic films. For some reason I’m at my most happiest when watching movies.


I believe that a great way to get to know a person is through their iPod and their pet peeves. There are 3,189 songs on my iPod (or 8 days worth of listening pleasure). My musical tastes range from anything from classic Hall and Oates, Iron and Wine, Fleet Foxes, E-40, La Roux, Lykke Li to Classic Elton John. My pet peeves are: People who interrupt (like really?), people who flake, people who pronounce words that have a foreign origin- BUT have been accepted into the english vernacular- with an accent (i.e. instead of saying “My aunt makes a great Guacamole”, you say, “My aunt makes a great G-whak-AH-Mooolll-ayyyy” AHHHHH!!!!) And then, obviously people who are malicious (does that count as a pet peeve? Isn’t that more of just an understood horrible quality/personality trait?)

So there it is. I could wax philosophical for…ever basically about my favorite TV shows, books, works of art, thinking spots, cities, memories, school projects etc. And with that you might have a more complete behavioral profile of what I’m like. But these few paragraphs are just the broad strokes of my personality that make up who I am.


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