Visiting Facebook Headquarters. I’m gonna go ahead and give this a “Like”

I’ve made a decision. I’ve decided that one day I will work at Facebook. Working in media it seems a natural progression that one day you leave the agency and move over to the publisher/sales side in order to have a holistic and well-rounded knowledge of advertising. Looking over the fence from the Agency side, we’ve all been watching and noting all the innovative changes that FB has been making to their advertising opportunities and especially changing how they’ve been interacting with large advertisers/agencies (which is a groundbreaking change in and of itself). I truly think that there is only more room for growth moving forward and I’ve made a decision that before my career is over I will have Facebook on my resume and be a part of that change. Done.

Sidenote: When my family first moved to California in the 70’s, they lived on Willow Road in Menlo Park, and now look who’s moved into the neighborhood! Facebook Headquarters – and they’re only going bigger and better with the help of Frank Gehry. The Bay Area really is the center of the digital world.


Lessons to Learn When You Join an Ad Agency

After having about a month of Media Planning in a world class agency under my belt, here are a few quick lessons I’ve learned along the way

1. Sobriety is NOT WELCOME
Expect to go out to a lot of Media Events, Publisher Meetings or wine-and-dine sessions where the party doesn’t stop! Also, embrace the keg on tap in the middle of the office. Its there for YOU! And never be surprised when you find a collection of shot glasses in your desk from the previous owner! Drinking in the office still happens at Ad Agencies. Its just mostly beer this time.

2. Math Skillz
All those lessons that you snoozed through in school? Maybe you should have taken better notes yeah? But most importantly, don’t doubt your abilities. Its your own insecurities that will fruition into truth. Never doubt your self.

3. Timing is Everything
There is no rest for the weary here. In fact sometimes it can feel like you are going at double speed. Everything is go, go, go. The faster you work, the better! But I have to be honest in that I’ve found that to be the most refreshing part. You can expect to get approvals the day you send in a submission. Such a change considering the background I came from.

4. Youth Rules
This has to be one of the youngest offices I’ve seen, let alone been in. The oldest person in here must be what?! 40?? But thats not a bad thing by any means. I feel like I am surrounded by my peers all the time and I feel like everyone is on an even footing. However, I will admit that it is a little strange to think that in a few years, I could be a senior account exec!

5. Expect to have A LOT of fun!
After only one month, I’ve already been to an Inter-Agency Bowling team, a Boozy SF Trolley Bar Crawl put on by MySpace, and next month is Ladies night at the Spa. And this is all covered by Publishers! I can hardly believe it. Also, don’t shy away from having a bean bag toss competition in the middle of the day with the set up in the middle of the office. The basketball hoop set up near conference room 8 is also a lot of fun ūüôā

6. The Sky’s the Limit
There is no ceiling in this industry. Hard work and creativity will always be rewarded. As long as you have both the world is your oyster.

Disco Bowling and Boozy Trolley Ride all within a two week period!

Saying Goodbye

After working at WB for 2 years, I had a pretty strong sense of their style when it came to introductions and farewells. Which is to say that they don’t stand on ceremony. In fact, its rare to have large heart-felt scenes in this office. And by no means am I try to put down the good folks on Grant Ave., it’s just that being in the industry that they are – often times deadlines take hold of your immediate attention and its harder to set aside time to say your goodbyes.

I knew this on my last day. In fact, I was (in all honesty) not expecting anything. I had been hoping for a card (maybe) but I knew that even that would be¬† stretch. But seeing the spread that they all put together for me was not only heartfelt and sincere, but touched me immensely. As I mentioned in the last post – goodbyes are always the hardest for me. Especially saying “so-long” to this lot. But it feels good to know that I have touched their hearts as much as they have touched mine.

Thanks for the memories – now on to bigger and better adventures ūüôā



Isn’t is extraordinary how much your whole world can shift in only a few days?
I’m always so surprised at how much can change in a relatively short period of time.

Its been almost two years since I posted this, and I’m more than willing to¬†concede that¬†since that time¬†I’ve learned so much, taken on incredible responsibility, realized exactly what I am capable of and grown immeasurably¬†along the way. However, there always comes a time when you feel the need to take on more.
I’m ready to take the first steps into my career path.
I’m ready for the next chapter.
Hence my immense excitement at the following announcement! So long old job! HELLO NEW ONE!!! I can’t say exactly which company I’m going to be working for (except that they are one of the largest in the world) and I can’t really say what exactly I’ll be doing – not on a public forum at least, but I can say that my new industry will mirror something along the lines of what these people do. I really can’t believe my good fortune and incredible luck. I’m so happy to utilize all my¬†interests and integrated marketing training¬†as well as years and years of pop culture knowledge into a¬†paying J – O – B! What more could you ask for?

But as always (for me) with change comes sadness. I really will miss a lot of the people I have worked with and grown to admire. I am so fortunate to have forged some lifelong friendships and connections. Some of the people who I have¬†worked with over the past couple of years have mentored and guided me through moments when I really needed some encouragement and have continually given me sound, professional advice. I will be forever grateful! I’m saddened at the thought that I won’t be able to see them on a daily basis, but so happy that I had the chance to meet them at all! Thank you so much work friends! I will¬†forever be indebted.

But now I turn my sights to brighter and wider horizons. I’m so excited to¬†see what the future has in store.¬†I can only see possibilities.

She Works Hard For The Money

The view out the window onto Grant Ave.

Sooooo, this weekend marks the ending of my FIRST official week of work at a REAL adult job. Unfortunately up until this point, all of my past jobs have mostly consisted of retail/customer service type jobs, so this is my first time working in a (very cool) office-type setting. So how can I sum up this weekend? Well, first of all let me just start off by saying that whenever I imagined how I wanted to be working post-college it was always in downtown San Francisco (preferably in the Financial District), always a very light and bright open studio space with lots of architectural interest, something that was challenging yet interesting. But the most important to me was that it had deep connections to the artistic and creative aspects of business (i.e. art gallery, PR/Marketing firm, architecture, social media etc.) It was just very essential to me that I be surrounded by creative minds who could in turn inspire my own artistic proclivities.

So all day this week I would literally be pinching myself at how EFFING lucky I am that I got everything I ever wanted out of my first post-collegiate job! I mean, I’m right in the heart of the Financial (and as luck would have it, a stones throw away from one of my besties, Nikki) the studio space is amazing, I get to work with such creative and artistic architects/minds and I really feel like this is a company that I would love to stay with for the long run! It really is so amazing. During the past 13 months when I had nothing but constant interviews/rejections, I honestly felt that there was nothing out there for me and that I should just give up and apply for a job at Starbucks. Everyone kept telling me that things work out for the best, that there is a reason for everything. I truthfully didn’t believe them, especially not in the past few months. I felt like I was doomed and that there was no hope. But it really is so surprising how much the universe can change with every second of the day. Looking back, I’m so glad that I got all those rejections. First of all they were all weird jobs and I was trying to make them work only because I was so desperate.

Something that kept me motivated during the lowest points

Secondly, all those rejections made me into a warrior! I only got stronger and better with each and every interview! (see the poster at stage right to understand my mantra during these months!) Honing my skills and abilities with each round! After a year I was so incredibly comfortable with interviews that I think it gave me an edge over all the other candidates – because I was calm and collected.

Now I’m not saying that this job is a complete bed of roses. Every job in the world has its downsides. Mine is that the previous E.A. who held this position left immediately and I really didn’t receive ANY training whatsoever and I’ve just been independently learning as I go along. At times I feel like an idiot, not knowing how to work the copier or asking where a specific file is, but I guess that’s the nature of being the “new kid in town”. Also on Tuesday (my second day of work) I had to work 3 1/2 hours of overtime so that I could get one of the principal architect’s flights rearranged for a business trip he was currently on. But you know what? Two silver linings on that one! 1. I got overtime (double OT actually) and¬† 2. It was a quick trial by fire learning process in how to schedule and arrange flights!

So while this week has taught me infinite amounts of knowledge, its still always a learning process and I’m just happy that everyone is being so patient with me as I feel my way around this thing called “A REAL JOB”! That’s all that I can ask for!

Way to Dodge a Bullet!! (this is my favorite post so far!)

So I have to be honest. The main reason why I started up this blog in the first place was because I truthfully thought it was going to be¬†a place to vent and discuss all my frustrations over the past year. I graduated college¬†in May of ’09¬†and I have been pretty much looking for work ever since, constantly checking the¬†employment ads, sending out resumes, cover letters, going out¬†on countless interviews and trying to be enthusiastic about the shitiest jobs ever! I even felt like I was starting to piss off my twitter followers because it seemed that EVERY week I was either going out on interviews or writing the most stupid and pointless cover letters and always voicing my¬†anxieties via twitter. I soon realized that I was taking advantage of my open forum a little too much and hence I needed a space to redirect my issues. That was one of the major reasons why I decided to start this blog when I did – because I was fed up with keeping my frustrations under 140 characters!

Creative Environments/Minds Totally Rock My Boat!

But then again, I didn’t want to be a negative Nancy right out of the gate and start off (what I hope to be) a lifelong writing project with my bad attitudes about the recession/dire job market for recent grads/pitiful economy. I was planning on broaching this subject in my next post but just didn’t know how to fit in 13 months of frustration and disappointment in one single post. But the good news is that NOW I DON’T HAVE TO!!!!!!!!!! I am MORE than happy to report that as of yesterday I was offered a bomb.com position at this Uhh-mazing¬†company that I am tres¬†excited to start working for. Because I was an Art History Major in college I knew that once I started my career I wanted to be doing something that dealt with creative and artistic minds and not the dry, boring aspects of business. I am so happy to announce that I will start my new job on Monday in the San Francisco Studio at Woods Bagot Architects!!! As soon as I found this position I knew that I would be perfect for it! It really is my dream¬†job in so many ways and I can’t possibly begin to spell out how it was specifically created just for me!¬† But I am also just now realizing what a relief its going to be not constantly¬†worrying about finding the right job and not constantly scouring the job boards like your life depends on it. Now I can focus at being the best that I can be at my job and best of all – with a stable paycheck I am able to move in with my best friends into our dream apartment in August! This truly is the best news that I ‘ve gotten in a while and it is such an intense relief, I’m practically floating on air!

And I’m also¬†intensely¬†relieved that I don’t have to write (what would have eventually turned into) a series of blog posts about my super sucky life as a recent post-grad trying to grapple with the realities of a declining job market in the midst of a crippling economic recession. NOT FUN! Sooooo…definitely dodged a major bullet on that one, and I dodged it in a SERIOUSLY smile-till-your-teeth-hurt, gloating-all-day-long, giggle-for-hours, good way!