Top 5 Tingles: December 2012

Its been a while since I’ve done a Top 5 Tingles, but I figure that since it IS gift giving season – perhaps some of these top picks might find their way into my stocking this year! (*wink, wink*)

Charge on the go

Charge on the go

1. Everpurse
If you’re like me, I use my phone for absolutely everything! All day long, I’m looking up my bank statement, streaming music, checking emails, texting, instagraming…EVERYTHING. However, with the type of phone I use, the battery lasts for about half as long as I would ideally need it to and it’s not all that often that I carry my phone charger with me. Enter Everpurse! This ingenious little clutch powers your phone while you’re on the go so you never face a dead battery again. But the reason why I’m in love with this charging purse in particular (other models exist out there) is because Everpurse has classic and beautiful designs using quality materials. A definite must-buy.



2. Yacht
I’m a big fan of kick-ass, strong, women-led bands (I’m looking at you Karen O, Stevie Nicks, Joan Jett, Janis Joplin) Well there’s a new girl on the block. I’ve written about Yacht before – but it bears repeating. They are pretty fantastic and I had the extreme privilege to see them play live at Outside Lands in August. Having seen them live, I can personally attest to the awesomeness that is, Claire L. Evans. She commands the stage and really brings raw spirit and energy to her shows. A lot of her qualities remind me of Karen O., but in a bleach white blond page-boy hair cut and white vinyl suit kind of a way. To put it bluntly, she’s “other-worldly” and I’m in love.

Need it, want it, have to have it!

Need it, want it, have to have it!

3. Cloche Hats
I don’t know if you’re like me, but I have been very aware and excited about the huge resurgence of art deco and roaring 20’s references popping up lately. Between Ralph Lauren’s 2012 Spring Line, Louis Vuitton‘s over-sized over-exaggerated clochettes, the continued success of Boardwalk Empire into their third season and finally Baz Lurhmann’s rendition of ‘The Great Gatsby‘ about to hit theaters in December May 2013- it feels like fashion and media have been taken over by the essence of the jazz age. One of the best references I’ve seen come out of this and to hit main street are cloche hats. Lately, I’ve been seeing my bus route populated with newborn cloche hybrids and I’m loving it. I’m a huge fan of the shape, the different styles it can take on as well as the statement it says. I’m dying for one of my own from Goorin Bros! One day…

I love the juxtaposition of mediums and textures in her art!

I love the juxtaposition of mediums and textures in her art!

4. Stacey Page
Last year I decided I would teach myself embroidery. Unbelievable I know, but I found it be a very calming activity that has a great outcome at the end. It’s so great to do when sitting with friends and watching TV together, but I’m still a relative novice and not too advanced. I’m still learning some crewel stitches. But there is an artist, Stacey Page who has taken simple embroidery and blended it with photography to make one of a kind pieces. I’m in love with her work and would love to one day have one of her pieces adorning my own walls!

The domestic diva's newest gadget

The domestic diva’s newest gadget

5. Click and Grow
A few months ago, my mom and I painstakingly planted cute herbs and spices into small ceramic pots so that my apartment could have a living herb garden. Well cut to a month later and those herbs are dead and gone. I feel like I can’t keep any plant alive for more than a month. Every orchid or lily I get seems to die within record time (my co-workers tell me it’s because I’m over-watering my plants) Well, now I never have to worry about that! I just found this ingenious device called Click and Grow. Simply plant your seeds in the device, add batteries and add water to the tank and walk away! The device has built-in technology to know how much water your plant needs at all time so you never have to worry about over-watering or under-watering again. I’m ordering 5.


Top 5 Tingles: August

It has been quite a while since I have made a Top 5 Tingles post however, August is positively bumping with activity so of course I needed to share!

1. Samuel L. Jackson: Olympic Commentator
Every 4 years the world comes together in awe and brotherhood to watch athletes at their top physical form compete in events that many of them have devoted their entire lives to. Their sacrifice, training and dedication is palpable through the screen and you can’t help but fall in love watching your fellow country men and women represent their nation with pride. This is traditional Olympics watching, but the Olympics in 2012 is anything but traditional! With Twitter and social media you can watch live streams of the games online and keep score in real-time. But who would want to do that when you can just follow Samuel L. Jackson’s live Twitter feed of the games?! Imagine the “Snakes on a Plane” actor reading his Ezekiel 25:17 speech from “Pulp Fiction” – but instead he’s commentating on women’s gymnastics. This is quite possibly my favorite element of the Olympic Games so far. Well, and maybe this guy.

UH-OH: Pummel Horse indeed!

I don’t who I’m more excited for…Jack White or Skrillex!…or Santigold…or Yacht…

2. Outside Lands
This weekend marks one of the biggest music festivals in San Francisco. I’ve always wanted to attend this 3-day concert consisting of a finely curated indie, rock, electro and folk lineup –  alas I never had the opportunity to go (funding is an ongoing issue). But in this world it’s all about who you know – and in this case “who” you need to know is Bright Roll and (#jobperks). I’m so excited to not only see some of my favorite artists but I’m looking forward to learning about some new ones as well. I can’t believe that I’ll be able to see Jack White in person. He is undoubtedly the greatest guitarist of my generation. Not only is he a true “artist” in every musical sense, but I’ve always dreamed of seeing him play live in person – well dreams do come true! And also getting VIP passes doesn’t hurt this dream either . HEY-OOOO!!

New Years on Copacabana Beach

3. New Years in Rio

I’m not going to speak too much about this one – because I’m more than positive that as 2012 comes to a close I’ll be talking about this non-stop…but for now, let me just say that daydreaming about Copacabana, Ipanemaand Bahia are definitely giving me the tingles!

4. Without You – Rainbow Arabia


5. Prada Menswear Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

Prada is KILLIN it with their Fall/Winter 2012 Collection. I am in love with all these rich burgundy/maroon tones and structured lines. It also doesn’t hurt that one of my all-time favorite actors, Gary Oldman is modeling these oh-so-fine frocks. This line reminds me of imperialist Russia, mixed with Hyde Park, and some Toulouse Lautrec/Moulin Rouge undertones thrown in for fun. In the words of Sh*t Fashion Girls Say, “Hash-Tag: TOTES-AMAZE”

Dafoe, Hedlund, Oldman, Bell…YUM-MY!

Top 5 Tingles: April (Belated)

I understand that this post is a few days past the April cut-off, however, better late than never right?
In between trying to soak up an entire new industries knowledge/skill set, I fully recognize that I have been neglecting the blog. This leads me to my first tingle…

When trying to teach digital media to traditional planners its like:

1. What Happens In Media Planning
Do you love GIFS? Do you love it when someone else recognizes the audacity, ridiculousness and occasional turmoils of your current job? Well then look no further, because you have just found the site for you (if you are in Media Planning) I’ve been taking mental notes every now and then from conversations I’ve heard, jokes that have been made as well as observations that I’ve made myself  and frankly a lot of the them are perfectly mirrored in these hilariously curated GIFS. Many questions are now answered!

Life Changing

2. Spotify
I know, I know. I know what all you are thinking – is this that stupid thing that all of my Facebook friends are posting about? Trust me, this is not like Farmville. Spotify has completely changed my audio work life. All day long I listen to Spotify. It is the perfect cohesion of Pandora and GrooveShark. Spotify takes the limitless streaming capabilities from Pandora and marries them with the control of Grooveshark but with a much sexier interface as well as only high-quality versions of songs (something missing from Groove). For the past couple of weeks I choose specific artists that I’ve always wanted to delve deeper into and have immersed myself completely into their entire catalogues. This is truly the new way to discover music. I’ve been completely in love with Alex Clare’s entire album as well as discovering new favorite songs from old standby’s. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DOWNLOADING!

So disappointing its sold out 😦

3. Leather Cowl Neck Jackets
Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s definitely knew what she was talking about when she said, “So get your leather, leather, leather on on on…” in Zero. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect leather jacket to fend of the coming unpredictable SF summer weather. I need something that can be lightweight and at the same time provide great insulation. Normally leather jackets can tend to be too biker-looking and others are just…pathetically matronly. I’ve always loved the idea of a large over-sized  collar/cowl neck jacket that can zip up all the way and that looks cool while at the same time providing ultimate warmth with some knit detailing. Well, I think I’ve finally found the ultimate solution. Too bad its discontinued. Great.

you know you’re curious…

4. Fifty Shades of Grey
I’m not going to talk to much about this one, just because I started blushing even writing down the title. But let me just say, that if you haven’t read it yet – then you are REALLLLLLLLLLYYYYYY missing out. Seriously.


Our new dining room set complete with a bench we found on sale. Perfect for dinner parties!

5. Redecorating/Being a Grown-Up
YESSSSS!!! Its finally happening!  I AM SO EXCITED! The sad-hodgepodge-Frat that is my living room is finally getting a major makeover thanks to some communication between the roomies, a small budget and some sweat equity. When we first moved into the apartment, all of us were focused on getting our own rooms in tip top shape. The communal spaces were of course the last to be broached and even then our solution was pooling together all our odd family hand-me downs and blindly throwing them into the living room hoping that they would stick and make some semblance of order. Well, those days are long gone! After two failed attempts at getting our shit in order (and largely in part by rotating out one less than eager roommate for someone who has an appreciation for aesthetics) we are finally giving our apartment the much needed TLC it deserves. Already we have said “Adios” to the corduroy craigslist couches (thank god) and instead replaced them with a much nicer white loveseat and (my very first) BRAND NEW COUCH! Just delivered last weekend. I feel like such an adult getting new furniture. On top of that we have nixed the outdoor patio set that served as a dining room table and chairs and instead replaced them with a LOVELY new dining set.

I can start to tangibly feel myself getting better the more this apartment comes together. I can wait to show off the finished product for all to see 🙂

Top 5 Tingles: February

Even though this is the shortest month of the whole year and full of silly distracting holidays like Valentines Day – it does not mean that I am shirking my responsibilities when it comes to my Top 5 Tingles List. Quite the opposite. This month is chock full of awesome links, tid bits and art works that I’ve been tingling about for weeks! Check them out

1. Beauty Army

I love to try out new products and find out what the best beauty supplies out on the market are. And for me, samples are the best way to decide which ones work, which ones are the best and which ones aren’t even worth it. Beauty Army is a fantastic new service that I just came across that offers their members monthly gift boxes filled with personalized samples of the latest beauty supplies. The monthly subscription comes at a very low-cost and for those who fall in love with a particular product they can buy the full-sized version on Beauty Army’s site as well. Personally, I can’t wait to try out their dry shampoo, body polish and lip shield!

How lovely would it be to have this waiting at your doorstep every month?

2. Martha Stewart for Avery

There is something about color-coding, labeling and organization that just speaks to my heart. I absolutely LOVE to stack, sort and organize everything. At work it seems like there are endless opportunities to organize our filing systems and supplies. My only complaint is that the sterile and oftentimes bland labels and stationary you come across at normal office supply stores aren’t very inspiring. And the options that offer a bit more flair tend to be astronomically expensive. That is why I was so incredibly excited to learn about Martha Stewart Living’s new line with Avery Products. The Martha Stewart Home Office line offers so many beautifully crafted products to transform any home office. Their stunning product line offers anything from stunning mint shagreen journals, chalkboard sticky labels, weekly planners, and stackable home office organizers. I’m not ashamed at all to admit to spending almost all night exploring the site and imagining thousands of uses for these products! I can’t wait to try them out!

This entire collection is styled to perfection!

3. Nude Seamed Tights

With the weather in San Francisco turning so warm lately all my friends and I have been dusting off our summer dresses a little earlier this year. Unfortunatley, while the temperature outside might indicate that Summer is here, my pale legs certainly do not. I’m not ready to bare my winter legs yet without some sort of stocking. I’ve always felt that plain nude tights are a little boring. It needs a little something extra. Which is why one of my new favorite obsessions are classic nude tights with a striking back seam. I really can’t think of anything sexier than a long seam running up the back of  your legs and beyond. Not only do they elongate your figure, but in my opinion they also change your entire carriage. So classically sexy!

How Sessy! Why did people stop wearing these again??

4. Famille Summerbelle San Francisco Papercut
I adore all art that pays homage to my home, my heart, San Francisco. Anytime I see artists depicting my city in unique and interesting ways, I’m sold immediately. So when I came across French Papercut designer Famille Summerbelle’s new interpretation of this cities cartography – I could resist. This large work is lasercut on thick card stock and is incredible in all its minute and finite details about this city. I love how each neighboorhood is depicted and every inch is covered in some unique trait that makes this city one of the best in the world. This papercut truly touches my heart and I hope it will make yours Tin5le as well!

Creative Craftsmanship = SWOON!


5. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Last year I decided to embark on a literary odyssey by reading one of the fattest biographies of Abraham Lincoln that I could find. I’d love to say that I powered through it without any problems – but it did start to get pretty dense right around the 500 page mark and I did take a few months break. But overall I have been very impressed with the personal and professional life of our nations 16th President. Lincoln truly guided the US during one of its most difficult and tumultuous periods and for that I can’t help but take on a reverent tone whenever I’m discussing A. Lincoln. BUT, I also understand that his leadership and power can translate into almost any other form. Which is why I’m also very excited and looking very much forward to the new film Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Based on the popular book, Abe discovers that Vampires are planning to take over the United States and in an effort to protect our country, seeks to eliminate them. Lincoln is a bad-ass for LOTS of reasons, and now that he’s fighting Vampires with the help of Tim Burton, it only makes me that much more excited for this adaptation!

Top 5 Tingles: January

With the month almost at a close (my god! Seriously?!) its time to count down some of the coolest things that I’ve come across and that have been inspiring me this month.

1. Rent the Runway
I think we’ve all heard of Bag, Borrow or Steal as the go to source for renting out designer handbags and purses, but what about dresses? Men rent tuxedo’s all the time for their proms, weddings, or if you’re really fancy…gala premires. But what about the ladies?! Who wouldn’t want to parade around in a $5,000 frock for just one night of pleasure? Well now there is a site built to turn every fashion conscious woman into Cinderella for a night. Rent the Runway is an amazing site that allows you to rent anything from designer gowns, cocktail dresses, party frocks, day dresses…anything! You literally have a dream closet all at your fingertips. The best part is that you don’t have to murder your modest salary to get these wearable works of art. You have 4 or 8 days in your rental (and don’t worry, you always get another size up or down in your delivery in case it doesn’t fit) and then simply return via a pre-printed bag that comes with your package. SIMPLE! And it isn’t just dresses. RTR carries all accessories, spanx, makeup, clutches and jewelry to complete your look. Great idea!


What an innovative design!

2. The Seed Cathedral
Built for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, this innovative and gorgeous structure combines the futuristic style of something out of Blade Runner while harkening back to the roots of nature (literally) that is generally reserved for the Natural History Museum. Designed by Thomas Heatherwick, this pavillion at a first glance looks like an enormous pin cushion. But when you take a closer look, all surfaces (exterior as well as interior) are covered with slender transparent rods each encasing one or more seeds at its tip. The Designer says that he was inspired by “the relationship between nature and cities” and I agree that this is a reverent gesture enclosed in a beautifully structured form.  


A perfect way to stay organized

3. Envelope Journal
Its January. What is one of the most common New Years Resolutions? GET ORGANIZED! It happens to all of us. Chaos and clutter slowly slip back into our day-to-days. Well now there is a way to collect all those slices of life that you are too hesitant to throw away, but don’t really have a place for. Present and Correct is selling this amazing Envelope Journal that has little mini envelopes for each month of the year. There you can file your receipts, ticket stubs, business cards and other little scraps that you collect throughout the day. I am a fan of anything that promotes organization!


So beautiful it almost looks unreal

4. Gardens of Marqueyssac
In my last post I mentioned how this weekend I read Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice for the first time. I’m not lying when I say I fell in love with all the pomp and mannerism of Regency Era England. I also loved all the scenes of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy walking along the gardens of Rosings Park together. I can’t think of a more romantic setting for developing a young love. Strolling together in gorgeous and manicured gardens is truly the fruit of love. Swoon. So  it should come as no surprise that when I came across the Gardens of Marqueyssac I nearly fainted for I had found my dream lovescape. Who cannot walk amongst these gardens and want to fall head over heels?


I give this calendar an Orchid and an Acanthus!

5. Language of Flowers Calendar
In keeping with the romanticism theme, this calendar has been making its way around the blog circuit – and for good reason! The flora depicted on the calendar recounts a love poem written by a young man to his sweetheart in the language of flowers. Though we may not be aware of it today, every flower carries with it a secret meaning and during the Victorian era where emotions were stringently reserved, flowers were utilized as a way of expressing love and affection as well as a means of sending coded messages to each other in ways that might not have been possible to express through conventional language. This is an art that I very much wish DID NOT die out. I can’t imagine sending a friend or loved one a bouquet with your own unique and thoughtful message attached. To learn more about the secret meaning of flowers – or if you’d like to arrange a bouquet with your own coded message, check out this link to brush up on your flowers! Plus, why wouldn’t you want such a beautiful and sweet calendar to kick off your year right!

Top 5 Tingles: December (or put another way: my last minute X-Mas Wish List)

Who can believe that Christmas is just right around the corner. It seems like it was Thanksgiving but a few days ago. I feel like I’ve barely had a chance to get into the Christmas spirit. Therefore for the past week I’ve been blasting Christmas music all over my apartment, burning every Christmas scented candle imaginable and hovering near our beautiful Christmas tree every waking moment that I’m not at work. This Christmas more than any other I find myself really wishing I could be in a classically white winter scene. All I want is to be wrapped up in Flannel with a mug of cider in front of a glowing Christmas Tree while is gracefully snows outside. And watching “White Christmas” on TV is NOT helping. I’m totally in the same boat with Bing and Rosemary until the final scene when they open those stage doors and all of a sudden there’s snow. Assholes. I can guarantee you that we will NEVER open up our northern Californian doors to a winter wonderscape on Christmas. But alas, if I can’t have a White Christmas at least Santa can hopefully bring me something on my top 5 tingles list?? 


1. Echo Touch Gloves
If you’re like me and take public transportation to get to work gloves are a GODSEND for two reasons. Firstly, in the mornings it can be quite nippy and there is no better pleasure than warming your mitts while you ride into work. Secondly, buses are filthy. Have you ever seen the movie Outbreak? . . . I’m just saying. There are some pretty cutty characters riding along with you and any hand protection you have is key! But there has always been a downside to wearing gloves…how to keep texting, and playing music or angry birds in cold weather? Well Echo Gloves have solved that problem for you in style! They offer some great trendy styles with the technology built in to keep using all your iphones, tablets and other touch devices. I can’t wait to start building up my collection of these beautiful babies!

So many colors. So many Styles. How to choose?


2. “Audrey” Monogram Disc Bracelet
There is something so completely feminine and genteel about this gorgeous little trinket. Aptly named, this bracelet harkens back to the effortless style and beauty of icons past. Couldn’t you just see this lovely charm on someone like Grace Kelly, Betty Draper or even someone like Wallis Simpson
I can’t wait to add this Charmco gem to my budding bracelet collection. This would make a perfect stocking stuffer for any lovely lady in your life.

Delicate Perfection


3. Russian Collection by O.P.I
Anyone who knows me knows that I love gettin’ mah nails did. Its such a little pleasure in life that can make you feel so special. I rarely feel completely put together unless I have a manicured set of nails. I’m always on the lookout for new colors and new attitudes to go along with them. I’m a firm believer in the theory that the right nail color can change your state of mind. Its like buying a new pair of heels. It just gives you a little edge to take on the world! So I know that I’m late to the game, but I just came across two OPI colors from the Russian collection that swept me off my feet. “St. Petersburgandy” and “Vodka & Caviar” from the collection are the perfect shades of festive winter red. They go perfectly with any holiday party you might be attending. Plus these sultry steamy reds make any winter night a little hotter! (*Cue “Santa Baby“)

Its a Ruskie Invasion this Winter!


4. Shame
Since I’ve opened the door to talk of steamy winter nights I have to mention one of the most talked about movies in the past few weeks. Shame is a rather intimate film that takes a bold and uncensored look into the shallow and emotionless encounters of a sex addict living in New York. While many talk about this film in terms of being shaken by the explicit sexual scenes because they have ZERO intimacy and emotional depth, I actually found the film to be oddly personal. Michael Fassbender (in my dreams the “F’ is silent) plays Brandon a young business savvy executive who seems to have it all, except that we find out he has a crippling addiction. He is incapable of maintaining any personal relationships (even those with his sister played by Carey Mulligan). Instead he can only function personally and sexually with encounters between complete strangers. I saw this film with a friend of mine and I have to say that the film struck us both on different levels. Fassbender’s performance is riveting but I think that the message of the film also leaves you with a lot of lingering questions. For days afterward I was questioning my own proclivities, basis of cultural standards, where does the line get drawn between a strong inclination and an obsession? While this entry in the tin5les list might seem a little left field – lets be honest. This is my Christmas wish list. And (F)assbender is definitely ON IT!


6. Banana Republic Leopard Bag
I usually tend to have slouchy hobo type handbags and purses. Well, I’m over it. I’m desperate for a structured handbag that won’t flop and sling everywhere. But I’m also looking for simplicity and easy access. I’m positive I’ve found my ideal purse match in the Banana Republic Mad Men collection Handbag. It has structure, style and of course plays upon my new obsession: animal print. Oh Santa Baby! Won’t you please throw this little beauty down my chimney? Its even on sale! How could you say no!

Oh Yes! That one in the middle will do quite nicely, thankyou!

Top Five Tingles: November

Now that we are mere hours away from the highlight of November (Thanksgiving) and the official kick-off of the winter holiday season, I thought it might be a perfect opportunity to put up my Top 5 Tingles for the month of November. Consider it a Black Friday wish list of sorts ; )

1. Melissa Huntsman 

A fantastic Kermis scene locket by Melissa Huntsman

Among the sea of craftsmen and artists at the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival last month, only a few booths have stuck with me  and made me dream of them over and over again. Melissa Huntsman is one of them. Her jewelry was not only the most reasonably priced on Main Street, but her designs were unique, whimsical and feminine without being too ornate and cheesy. Something that is frankly hard to come by. Usually any jewelry artist that you meet will continually add flourishes and embellishments until they are selling a feathered, sequins, bedazzled mess. I very much appreciated that she didn’t overly work her necklaces or earrings. One of her pieces that I absolutely fell in love with was one of the most amazing lockets I’ve ever seen before in my life. It is an oversized locket with what looks like a Dutch kermis scene on the face. After spending a few months in Amsterdam as well as devoting a portion of my collegiate life to studying the Dutch Golden Age – this locket called out my name and sang a silent siren song that I can’t possibly describe! I instantly fell in love. I’m pretty sure I even made some unidentifiable sounds when I first laid eyes on this piece. The details are incredible, the scene is so lively and dutch and fun and every time I wear it, I feel like I’ve been immediately transported back to my little flat on the Princengracht. I definitely suggest you check out Ms. Huntsman. You may hear your own siren song calling out to you after looking at her work!

2. First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

About 3 years ago (THREE YEARS?!?!) I just by accident came across this band that really spoke to me. First Aid Kit. They are a group consisting of 2 Swedish sisters who have hauntingly beautiful voices. Their woodsy folk-inspired songs transport you to a completely different plane. About a year ago, I had the IMMENSE pleasure of seeing them live at The Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco. It is one of those nights that I will always remember and cherish. Honestly. Some performances are so special that you always want to carry them with you. I will never forget that night. It was such an intimate performance with a perfectly small audience. And as they sang songs off of their album, “The Big Black & The Blue” a few times I found myself tearing up at just the beauty of their lyrics and songs. Well a few weeks ago I was lucky once again to see them at the Fox Theater in Oakland. With a larger audience it was a different experience, but it still did not diminish from their awesome talent and I felt so prized to be feet from them again and see how amazing they are. I highly, HIGHLY suggest you download their album as fast as you can. You will not regret it!

3. Bento Boxes

A gorgeous and colorful Bento Box perfect for lunch time!

For about 3 months I’ve been following a Facebook Friend on her daily journey through the bright, colorful and very very appetizing world of Bento Boxes. It seems like every week or so she’ll post how she organizes her lunches into bento boxes and describes what she’s eating from noodles, to pickled cucumber relish to homemade sushi rolls and of course – miniature cut fruit and cookies. There is something inherent inside of me that loves the idea of compartmentalized kits. A place for everything and everything in its place. So of course Bento Boxes are speaking my name. There are actually quite a lot of different kinds out there. Whenever I feel that I need some more organization in my personal and culinary life, I like to look online at some of my favorite producers of bento boxes. Laptop Lunches and Lunchbots make great carriers, but I think that the carrier is one of the most important elements in deciding how you want your meals to be presented. I’m a firm believer in trying out a few different choice before settling in on one style. It is your lunch after all! A break in your office day – so why wouldn’t you want to make it special?

4. Full Exposure  by Smashbox

Full Exposure by Smashbox

A few weeks ago there was a sale at Nordstroms where you buy 2 mascaras and get 1 free! HELLO!  How could you not pass it up?! Of course I bought one of the standards in high quality mascara (Diorshow). It’s a classic standby, a favorite and always works. But I thought for the free mascara I should try out a different product. I was pleasantly surprised by Smashbox’s “Full Exposure”. Inspired by the technique of layering mascaras (which I do anyways) it is incredibly lengthening and volumizing without the flakey or clumpy look. Lately I’ve been dedicating most of my make-up routine to highlighting those lashes! It really does add instant drama and beauty. I’ve been using Full Exposure for a few weeks now and believe it or not – I’ve gotten quite a few compliments and 2 people have asked me if I’m wearing falsies. If that isn’t a raw ad for this mascara, then I dont’ know what is! BUY IT! Your lashes will love you!

5. Tory Burch Ambrose Cap Toe Flat

Tory Burch Ambrose Flannel Flat (aka my foot's sole mate)

During the same Nordstrom Mascara sale, I had to skip over to the shoe section right?! Well, it was a poor decision because I left my heart in the ladies footwear lounge at the Pleasanton Nordstroms…The Tory Burch Ambrose Flannel flat is heaven on a foot. I love, Love, LOVE the look of these flats. Part flannel, part warm leather. These flats remind me of the classic fall collegiate sports in the 1950’s. Burying your hands a toasty flannel blanket while the home team plays on the grid iron only to skip off early to sip on a cup of tea in an oversized leather chair in the school library with your favorite book. GAWD! I need these shoes! I need to have them south of my ankles NOW! I can think of at least 40 outfits right now that these shoes would be perfect for. It’s hard for me to fall so hard for a flat, but these are it. So classically mid-century american. DREAM!

Top Five Tingles: September

I am actually really excited about this month’s top 5 tingles. I’ve been kind of editing and rearranging the list back and forth adding new ones and crossing others out. So I hope you like what’s making me excited in September!

Reed and Greenough Sitting Area

1. Reed and Greenough
Last weekend I went with a few friends this newly opened bar in the Marina. I can’t tell you what a pleasant surprise it was to walk into this hip, retro-tastic scene. I instantly fell in love and because of that had to be number one on my top 5 tingles list. Reed and Greenoughhas this completely unique modern retro vibe that is hard to pinpoint at times. Parts of it are so completely hip with their animal print cushioned chairs, fantastic individualized lighting and hand crafted stools and tables. But all of those elements are mixed to perfection with antique leather sofas, perfectly lighted old bookshelves, pool tables and a collage of prints and paintings adorning the walls. I have to say that my favorite drink there is the Moskow Beret. A modern twist on the Moskow Mule (an all time fave) with a balsamic reduction, rasberry puree and mint. YUM! R&G is the perfect place to hang out with friends…basically any day of the week. A MUST TRY!


2.BH Cosmetics

Some of the BH palettes

A few weeks ago my roommate brought up the idea of having a Halloween Party. Well, I won’t even go into the crazed flurry that my heart went out on when I heard those two magical words…”Halloween” and “Party”. Dreams really do come true. I’ll dedicate more postings to the prep and theme inspirations that are acting as the foundations of this party a little later on. But for now, I’ll tell you how I came across my next tin5le. I’ve decided that for this years Halloween I really want to dress up as a sugar skull/Dia de los Muertos figure. So I’ve been watching non-stop youtube videos on how to do just the right kind of makeup and how the decorations should go. After watching a bunch of tutorials I kept noticing that many of the videos kept highlighting the same product line over and over again. BH Cosmetics kept popping up. I had never heard of them before but all the reviews I looked up had nothing to say but great things. After looking at their product line I decided I needed and had to have the 120 color palette (both 2nd and 3rd editions!) After getting them in the mail I can completely attest. Their colors are magnificent and bright and SUPER pigmented. You really don’t need to put too much powder on your brush for ultimate color. Since I got my palettes last week I’ve been trying out so many different looks. And so far I’ve gotten at least 4 people comment on my makeup. Doesn’t sound like a lot – but  considering I just got the palettes last week…its kind of a big deal. After the palette’s I got their brush collection and blush palette. The brushes are amazing and for a low cost. There is no fallout and they all work wonderfully. Their bristles are super soft and really apply the color smoothly and evenly. I can’t recommend BH cosmetics enough. I’m dying to try out their neutral palette and their camouflage palette next!

My Love!!

3. Animal Print Flats
Nothing is hotter right now than Animal prints. You can’t swing a dead cat around without knocking over something animal printed. I have admit, that while not a historically big fan of the print, I’m super smitten this fall season. From pencil thin cheetah belts, to ab fab leopard bags, nothing is screaming out FALL FUN like animal prints. One of my favorite uses of all this color right now are ballet flats. Every time I’m on the bus or walking down the street, I can’t help but get the tin5les every time I see a wild flash of animal down below! With so much abundant foot fun on the shelves right now, it’s all I can do to contain myself from buying it all!

AKQA San Francisco

For very personal reasons which I shan’t go into at this moment in internet time, I recently came across this company that I’m simply wild about. AKQA is a creative agency specializing in interactive marketing. They have done incredibly fascinating projects that range from X-Box to Nike to Visa. Not only is their work completely innovative (they’ve been named Agency of the Decade by Revolution) but their office spaces are worth of a creative environment. Mega Like.

5. Beirut
I’ve always heard of this band but for whatever reason, never actually heard any of their music. Well this past week I was turned on to their album and I find myself head over heels. I love the melancholy brass band sounds along with the lead singer Zach Condon’s timeless voice. I suppose I could talk more about them, but I think it would be better to let them show you instead.

Top 5 Tingles: August

I’m so ashamed that my last Top 5 Tingle post was back in December (ACK!) Embarrassing to admit I know. But there have just been so many inspiring and interesting sites, blogs, books and artists I’ve been coming across that I couldn’t stand it anymore. I simply have to share!

1. Gareth Pugh: The Golden Boy

Fabulous eye details applied by Alex Box only enhance Pugh's aesthetic

Continuing the theme of my last post and my obsession with gold lately, I’ve found the perfect golden inspiration in Gareth Pugh. His FW 11 collection is nothing short of a golden sci-fi dream. Looking back to when his collection first showed it becomes easy to see how his style has influenced all of pop culture in the few months since it was first seen. Aside from his exquisite sharp, angular lines done in brilliant metallics what I love most of all is the make up applied by Alex Box. Laser cut fabric in gold or a bright turquoise were applied to the eyes to mirror the same profiles of Pugh’s collection. What I specifically love about Pugh’s direction of is that it was inspired by “Religious Iconography and Florentine Opulence”. Can’t you just see it? Its so reminiscent of armor, a crusades warrior or a modern Medici Duke. So brilliant. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the clear identity in this collection through asymmetric patterns, line and of course art historical references. Please, Please watch the fashion video that accompanies this collection and you will immediately see why this designer is a genius!

2. Korres

Lovely products!

While in Greece this summer I discovered my new favorite indulgence. Korres is an all natural skin care line that is so above and beyond fabulous that I feel indulgent just writing down their name. The entire time I spent in Mykonos I lathered my sun-drenched skin daily in their Vanilla Cinnamon body milk. With pharmaceutical and homeopathic roots the company has a passion  for all natural herbs, extracts and ingredients. Not only is it Greece’s fastest growing skin-care line, but I swear their products work. Or it could be a purely psychological aspect in that you just feel better using their products. I picked up a FABULOUS layering mascara, and wild rose brightening cream/moisturizer that I use every day!

3. Fiji/Muchi Muchi

One of my favorite colors right now: Fiji

This summer I’m all about Essie’s Fiji and Muchi, Muchi. For weeks now I’ve been switching on and off from these two colors. I almost can’t decide which color I like the best. Fiji has a thicker coat and is more white/pink while Muchi, Muchi is described as a creamy luscious pink with a hint of mauve. Anyone who knows me knows that I love having my nails painted. For me its a present to myself. Most people don’t notice what your nail color is, but for me its that added boost I like to have to make myself feel put together and ready for whatever comes at me. I’m also dying to add to my color collection with basically all of Essie’s coral colors. Dream!

4. Russian Caravan Tea Perfume

Love the smell of tea? Why not wear it all day long?!

Who doesn’t love a spot of tea on a cold winters day (which is basically every day during the San Francisco summer months) The warm herbal steam filling your lungs and making you warm from the inside out. Well now CB I Hate Perfume, Perfume Shop (great name P.S.) is offering the constant warmth you get from a cup of tea all day long. Their new scent Russian Caravan Tea is filled with scents of smoked black India tea, bergamot with a hint of “shelves of old books”. I love that description. Who doesn’t want to smell like tea in a library?? Its so Zhivagian.

5. Summer Heights High

The array of Chris Lilley's characters is sublime!

Oh Holy Jesus. Where do I begin…
My friends Sarah and Liz let me in on the secret of the fabulosity known as ‘Summer Heights High’ and the genius of Chris Lilley while on our Grecian holiday. I had never heard of this show before, but after hearing them recite lines and scenes from the shows characters, Ja’mie King and Mr. G, I knew that that was RIGHT UP MY ALLEY! The Australian show centers around a public high school and centers on 3 characters – all played my the masterful Chris Lilley. Ja’mie King is a snobby private school rich girl finding herself at Summer Heights High for 1 term through an exchange program. Jonah Takalua is a Tongan misfit illiterate who only wants to break dance and tell all his teachers to “Fuck Off”. And Mr. G is the wildly gay drama teacher looking to constantly steal the limelight away from anyone in the school including his own students. This Australian Mockumentary is too hilarious to ever try and encapsulate. To give you an idea of how brilliant it is, I have been rifling through youtube video after youtube video for 2 hours now trying to find the most perfect clip to illustrate my love for this show. They’re all fabulous. So trust me when I say, WATCH ALL THE EPISODES!

Top 5 Tingles: December

There really is something to be said for the Holidays. I think as a kid there is a lot of hoopla about Santa Coming and dropping hints to your parents in November and the anticipation of waiting for Christmas Morning to open a mountain of presents. As an adult (or an older child really) I always feel myself dragging my feet on the lead up to the Holidays. I hem and haw about all the decorations going up in the streets in mid-October, I start counting down the paychecks till Christmas morning and dread the busy malls. I kind of find myself being a humbug right up until December 1st when I’ll allow myself to throw all my energy into a Nutcracker/Egg Nog induced Festive Fury. And I always seem to forget about the fact that I’ll be getting presents. I always get so excited over the fact that I don’t have to keep my gifts a secret anymore and everyone can finally open up all the presents I picked out for them. So with that in mind, I’d like to partially think that this is my present to all of you. My top 5 tingles for December. But knowing that we’re on the downswing from the Holidays – they won’t be Christmas Themed. Your Welcome.

My new #1 hit on the computer

1.) Grooveshark For someone who has been using Pandora for a while, I’m finding Grooveshark a VERY welcome change in my habits. I find myself listening to it all day long on my computer at work (a blessing!) and trying out a bunch of different artists that I probably wouldn’t really ever listen to. Don’t get me wrong – I still love Pandora a lot. For me, I use it as a great resource to find new artists and new music that I wouldn’t ever know how to look for. And Pandora really got me through college. I don’t know how I would have ever written all my papers and projects without their Classical Channel. But the fact that I now have a limitation on how much music I can listen to per month is a bit of a turn off. Plus I don’t like the fact that I can’t go back to a song that I really liked and listen to it again. Grooveshark is different in that you can search by artist and be able to skip, repeat and pause music. These past couple of weeks I’ve been listening to the complete collections of Amy Winehouse, The Strokes and Laura Viers. Plus I’m finding that I’m starting to look up artists that I’ve always wanted to get into but never really had a chance to listen to all their music (Led Zepplin/Radiohead). I’m majorly liking Grooveshark these days and I hope that everyone will too!

If anyone knows where I can find this WILL be grateful!

2.) Infinity Scarves I’m super digging infinity scarves right now. One of the things I love the most about living in the city is seeing the street fashions in winter. There is something so absolutely cozy and fashionable about seeing how everyone wraps themselves up differently in winter. I’ve loved every morning getting on the bus and seeing all the boots, gloves and coats and how you can style up each in such a different way. One of the accessories that I’ve loved to see the most and seeing how versatile it can be is scarves. This winter I’ve found myself falling in love with Eternity scarves. There is something so chic and effortless as the causal draping of a scarf over your head in a round, inviting cushion of knit. LOVE!!! I kind of want to just start collecting a bunch of them and wear them all at once…too much scarf??

I want this collection before I die...

3.) Hunter Boots Hunter Boots really need to be the staple of every winter wardrobe. For a couple of years now I’ve been dying to own a pair. For anyone that doesn’t know anything about Hunter‘s or “Wellies”, they are the original rain boot. Yes, think about rain boots and your first pair when you were a toddler. Now think about how old they are…Well, Hunter boots were created in 1856 to help navigate the rugged terrain and unpredictable weather of the English countryside. Hunter’s were the originals rubber boots and are much attributed to helping the English Soldiers nobly fight in the trenches in the first World War and also help them conquer the axis of evil in the second World War. Today they are simply the coolest rain boot out there. How many other rain boots can you say have the honor of two royal warrants! (The first royal warrant from HRH The Duke of Edinburgh was granted in 1977 followed by the Royal Warrant of HM The Queen in 1896) I think that these boots are especially essential living in a wet climate such as San Francisco with our wet winters. I’m so glad to say that I finally got my very own pair this Christmas!! Hallelujah!

Talk about a Power Couple

4.) Blue Valentine One of the absolute best parts of this season is waiting to see all the amazing movies coming out in such a concentrated 4 weeks. All of the years best pictures wait for a release date at the absolute latest possible week in order to secure Golden Globe or Oscar nominations. One of the movies that I’ve been waiting with BATED breath to see for quite a while now (I remember reading about it spring of 2009) is the movie ‘Blue Valentine‘ with Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling. For some reason I’ve always been attracted to films that chronicle the ups and downs, highs and lows, fights and makeups and moments in between everyday life that make up a “real” relationship. Some of my favorite movies, like ‘Flannel Pajamas’, ‘500 Days of Summer’ and ‘Peter and Vandy’ highlight these same themes of what it is like to be “IN” a relationship and the difficulties of it, but also the joys of it. From what I’ve heard – this film is one of the most raw and realistic portrayals of the evolution (or dissolution) of a relationship that spans over the course of ten+ years. All aspects of a relationship are opened up and revealed to the viewer – including some controversial sex scenes. From what I’ve heard Gosling and Williams even lived in the house that the film was shot in before production started. They decorated it together, made meals and lived life in the house so that it would feel more realistic as “their” house. I’ve been waiting so long to see this movie, that in many ways – I hope it lives up to my expectations!

My new best friend!

5.) Nikon P100 For a while now I’ve been following a bunch of different blogs (see blogroll) and have been loving all the different kind of photography in each. I particularly love the images found on  Mr & Mrs. Globetrot and The Sartorialist. It inspires me to pursue my own interest in photography and photo journalism in a way. For a while now, I’ve been thinking that I live in such an amazing city and the structures and sites that I see everyday are such an inspiration. I need to be documenting my everyday life in this magical city more. Thanks be to God that my wonderful mother is a mind reader! Because for Christmas this year she got me a wonderful Nikon P100 for Christmas that fits all of my needs for my fledgling photography interests. Its bigger that a compact Digital camera, yet smaller than an SLR so its easier to carry around. There are so many features and fun things to do with this camera that I really need to start reading the owner’s manual cover to cover in order to understand all the features and fun facts about this camera. But more than anything, I’m just very much looking forward to taking pictures of all the cool things that I see around me. I really do see so many interesting things on a daily basis. I need to be more proactive about documenting all of them. I can’t wait to get started!!