In Absentia

Makin that Money!

I feel like its been ages since I’ve updated this site. My absence will have to be excused as I have been keeping VERY, VERY busy after work! I really don’t want to sound like I’m bragging about this job. Because of course as with every other job out there, there are perks and there are the more  nitty gritty aspects (to try and put it delicately). However, I feel like there have been so many cool things going on for the past month it makes it hard to cry over spilled milk analytic reports.

To start, I have never been to so many happy hours before in my life. I don’t think I’ve drank more in my life in such a condensed period of time. And never with so much peer pressure fueling it! I was never this peer pressured when I was in college. But all the boo-hooing aside, these events are dead cool! Last month I went out with my team to an event that had a money machine. Yes, you read correctly. A MONEY MACHINE! I was actually the first lucky participant chosen to have 20 seconds inside. And my lovelies, 20 seconds inside a money machine roughly translates to $63 cold. hard. cash.

With the rest of the Party-Rockers

As if getting free money weren’t cool enough, a few weeks later Myspace invited our team to go to the LMFAO concert in a private party bus. And for the record, whenever anyone invites you anywhere on a private party bus – NEVER SAY NO! The bus was as much if not more fun that the actual concert! I like LMFAO, and I’ve been known to “Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle” with the best of them. But after that experience I can hands down say that I LOVE party buses. I think I want to have my wedding on a party bus.

The next week was particularly crazy. It included dining at Alexander’s Steakhouse with some reps from FB (shhh! don’t tell them about My_) and feasting on the most delicious wagu steak. Also included that week was a private Sephora shopping spree event, Mani’s and Pedi’s and (my personal fave) massages at Nob Hill Spa.

Booze Cruisin’ round the city by the bay

But all play and no work makes Jack a lazy boy. So of course we’ve been earning our keep by staying late into the night when not at media events. Specifically the past two weeks. Gah! Reporting! When I go blind at the age of 30 you can blame excel and pivot tables. But not all is lost. Last night some girls from the other media team and I went out on a sunset booze cruise around the bay. It really is incredible to be showered in freebies and perks just for doing your job! How does this happen? What was I doing before?




A friend of mine recently forwarded me a very interesting article about the effects of female psychology in the workplace and home. Written by a man it talks to the idea of how we devalue the opinion of women around us and write them off as being a “bitch” or being “crazy” whenever we disagree with their opinion. As women, we perpetuate this concept surrounding our fragile emotions and concede that we are less stable than our male counterparts. I mean, think about it – how often have you heard the phrases, “You are so sensitive”, “Don’t be ridiculous”, “Stop overreacting”. Sure – in certain circumstances, and with certain individuals these phrases can be pretty spot on. But for the most part it seems that whenever we are on the receiving end of such phrases we aren’t over reacting at all. In fact it feels like our reactions are spot on.

This is “Gaslighting”. A psychological term coined from the 1944 film of the same name starring Ingrid Bergman where her husband convinces her she’s crazy by flickering the gas lights on and off in an attempt to have her locked away so he can take control of all her money.

By devaluing the concerns and expressions of those around us and shaking them off as “overly sensitive” or “an overreaction” what we are really saying is, “you are crazy and don’t have a normal perception of reality”. For women, we hear this constantly over the course of a lifetime and with a constant feed from peers and the like – how can you truly believe otherwise.

What is even more surprising is when women say this about themselves. They joke and make play of the fact that “yeah – women are crazy right?!”. Well, actually no. We are entitled to our opinions and our anger just like anyone else. It is unfortunate that what usually comes on the other end of that is not someone who is willing to admit their fault, but instead someone who knows they have the upper hand and centuries worth of justification when they say, “oh don’t be so silly”

What is even more interesting is how women try and maneuver this in the workplace. I know that sometimes when I have to demand a report or a reply by EOD or ASAP, I try and temper the sting of such a hard request with a smile face. Would a man ever do this? No. Probably not. Because men are expected to be authoritative. But for women, the moment we take on the role of authority we immediately become “bitches”.

199441_5797000500_369_nIn reading this article, I was forced to reevaluate my own opinions about gaslighting, gender roles and the things that I may or may not say to my peers. It is worth a read and hopefully some introspection.

Cheetah is the New Black

Welcome to the Jungle indeed!

I honestly thought I’d never say this, but animal print is making my life (try).
Everywhere I turn, those vibrant and exotic prints are turning every outfit and accessory into the biggest and best statement of the season.

So its only fitting that my new favorite blog is “Cheetah is the New Black” (as evidenced by the link love in the blogroll) This lovely blog is run by one of the most stylish beezies in the biz. Her affinity for animal print has, in my opinion, changed the fashion game this fall. I personally believe that it was her influence and her expressive uses of leopard and cheetah that has spearheaded this animal print craze for the past few months. I can’t think of anything more stylish than a sleek little black dress paired with a hawt pair of cheetah wedges. DREAM! In fact I’m hard pressed to think of any outfit in which a little GRRRROWWWL isn’t appropriate.

To Save?

The other day I decided that I needed to indulge in my own Le Tigre craze, so I decided make my paw my hottest accessory this week. I can’t tell you how many amazing compliments I’ve gotten from all kinds of people (Starbucks barista’s, the receptionist at my doctor’s office, randoms on the muni) I’m loving looking down at my nails each day and seeing this great print purrrring back at me. And this was relatively inexpensive to achieve. For a while now I’ve been eyeing those Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail strips. For $10 I was wary that the price would overlook the result. They would either be revolutionary or terrible.

Well thank goodness! I have to say that I have become a convert. These nail strips are incredible and of course a bargain compared to Minx. So far I’ve been rocking these nails for going on 6 days and there is no chippage. Unreal. I highly suggest you check out these decals for yourself. Compared to a salon mani you are basically getting the same effects!

Or to Splurge??

My next animal print obsession harks back to one of my Top 5 Tingles of September. I am determined to start up my own collection of exotic ballet Flats. This weekend I went in search of the perfect pair with no luck. It turns out that the world-wide web might be able to provide me with better luck. I’ve basically narrowed down my two favorite pairs but they each provide a predicament. To Splurge? (over $100) Or Save? (Under $30) What do you guys think?  


Top 5 Tingles: October

OH HAAAY favorite month out of the year! Where did you come from?? So far I’m loving this Indian Summer that October has bestowed on San Francisco. These past few weeks have seen their share of hot, autumn days and I’m loving the daily guessing game of “what should I wear today? Sweater? Or light shirt?” But aside from the warm weather, I’ve also been loving October for a whole different set of reasons. Most people who know me know that not only is this my favorite time of the year, but that my all time favorite holiday is coming up…HALLOWEEN! I’m so excited to be getting into the fall festivities – carving pumpkins, making butternut squash soup, drinking apple cider that I can barely contain myself! But I need some inspiration pieces to pair with my fall excitement! Here we go.

One of the best group costume ideas I've ever come across

1. Dia De Los Muertos
One of the first postings I ever did on this blog was about an amazing artist named Mis Nopales who does comical prints in the calavera style. I loved his work so much that I even have one of his prints hanging in my bedroom. So it should come as no surprise that when I brainstormed over which costume to choose for my apartment’s “Victorian Era Eerie Halloween Party” it was no question that I should be a Dia De Los Muertos Calavera! I have been researching non-stop about how to create this look and what is the best way to execute the make-up. I’m really surprised to learn how different each face is and how open to personal creativity and details they each are. Every face is kind of like a snowflake in that no two are exactly alike. I love seeing everyone come up with their own flourishes and designs and figuring out how I’m going to do mine. I also love this look from Lauren Gherardi. I adore the idea of a group of friends donning the look together and each person embodying a color. So precious but also cool!

Pumpkins amidst the coastal fog. Dream!!!

2. Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival
I feel like this one is a no brainer – but then again for me, it isn’t truly fall or October until the HMBPF rolls around. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been absolutely in love with the Pumpkin Festival. I’ve been obsessed with Half Moon Bay since I can remember. To me, HMB is a magical place. A place where nothing changes. The same people are working at my favorite nursery and deli. The stores all pretty much remain the same. I love that constant, eternal quality about this town. Also it reminds me of when my mom and I would play hookey from work and school and spend all day walking around Main Street and going to the nurseries. As an adult I am still in love with all the traditions that surround the Festival Weekend. I love waking up early, getting a pumpkin spice latte, driving through the coastal fog into the land of pumpkins. I wish I could carve out a place in time where this weekend lives forever. If I could, I would never leave! The Pumpkin Festival means that much to me…

Beauty of the Monarch

3. Bugs Under Glass
This year at the Pumpkin Festival I came across quite a few booths that I fell in love with. All the harvest inspired crafts really pique my interests and set me back to feeling like a kid again. One of the artist booths that I couldn’t stop thinking about after I left was the “Bugs Under Glass” display. How perfect to get into the Halloween spirit than with some creepy crawly insects! But the good thing is that these insects aren’t creepy at all. Instead they are so beautiful. The artist Kevin Clarke uses only museum quality materials and naturally deceased insects to create his works of art. Some of these butterflies are so exquisitely beautiful with their wide iridescent wings in the most inspiring range of colors. It’s surprising that colors this bright and spectacular can exist in nature. I love them all and I can’t wait to start up my own collection.

"Lets Get Knotty!"

4. Mercier Beaucoup
I have a pen pal! And no, I don’t mean an email pen pal. I mean a real actual, snail-mail, stamps and all, letters kind of pen pal. My old co-worker moved to Hong Kong and I missed her so much that I just had to start a letter writing campaign to keep her in my life. Unfortunately because she is in Hong Kong, all her stationary keeps blowing me out of the water. Every letter she sends me is so cute and fun, I just want to die. I’m starting to get a complex about how unoriginal all the stationary in the US is. Everywhere I go it seems like it’s the same old notecard style, the same old designs and the same old messages inside. I’m starting to get quite bored of the usually great offerings at my stand-by store,  Avant Card. Meanwhile, my other co-worker just told me about this store that her friend set up. After taking a look on her site I have to say that I’m in love with all these cards. The site even offers a monthly subsription package for those who are die hard stationary-philes like myself. This artists ideas and patterns are so cute and inspired. When writing a letter, you have to be inspired by the stationary that you’re writing on. And with these amazing designs under my pen – I could write for days!

Bon Matin Logo

5. Bon Matin
Of course I had to throw in a bit of the macabre to get us all in the Halloween spirit. I just came across with wonderful online shop called Bon Matin. Run by a small collective of artists and designers in Germany these screen prints and textiles tend to have darker and more sinister proclivities – which I love. For instance, I’m loving the skeletal dish towel that isprecise and academic… yet creepy. They also have a fantastic collection of posters, accessories and clothing. I fully suggest you check them out for a delightfully dark treat! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

Loving this dish towel!

Top Five Tingles: September

I am actually really excited about this month’s top 5 tingles. I’ve been kind of editing and rearranging the list back and forth adding new ones and crossing others out. So I hope you like what’s making me excited in September!

Reed and Greenough Sitting Area

1. Reed and Greenough
Last weekend I went with a few friends this newly opened bar in the Marina. I can’t tell you what a pleasant surprise it was to walk into this hip, retro-tastic scene. I instantly fell in love and because of that had to be number one on my top 5 tingles list. Reed and Greenoughhas this completely unique modern retro vibe that is hard to pinpoint at times. Parts of it are so completely hip with their animal print cushioned chairs, fantastic individualized lighting and hand crafted stools and tables. But all of those elements are mixed to perfection with antique leather sofas, perfectly lighted old bookshelves, pool tables and a collage of prints and paintings adorning the walls. I have to say that my favorite drink there is the Moskow Beret. A modern twist on the Moskow Mule (an all time fave) with a balsamic reduction, rasberry puree and mint. YUM! R&G is the perfect place to hang out with friends…basically any day of the week. A MUST TRY!


2.BH Cosmetics

Some of the BH palettes

A few weeks ago my roommate brought up the idea of having a Halloween Party. Well, I won’t even go into the crazed flurry that my heart went out on when I heard those two magical words…”Halloween” and “Party”. Dreams really do come true. I’ll dedicate more postings to the prep and theme inspirations that are acting as the foundations of this party a little later on. But for now, I’ll tell you how I came across my next tin5le. I’ve decided that for this years Halloween I really want to dress up as a sugar skull/Dia de los Muertos figure. So I’ve been watching non-stop youtube videos on how to do just the right kind of makeup and how the decorations should go. After watching a bunch of tutorials I kept noticing that many of the videos kept highlighting the same product line over and over again. BH Cosmetics kept popping up. I had never heard of them before but all the reviews I looked up had nothing to say but great things. After looking at their product line I decided I needed and had to have the 120 color palette (both 2nd and 3rd editions!) After getting them in the mail I can completely attest. Their colors are magnificent and bright and SUPER pigmented. You really don’t need to put too much powder on your brush for ultimate color. Since I got my palettes last week I’ve been trying out so many different looks. And so far I’ve gotten at least 4 people comment on my makeup. Doesn’t sound like a lot – but  considering I just got the palettes last week…its kind of a big deal. After the palette’s I got their brush collection and blush palette. The brushes are amazing and for a low cost. There is no fallout and they all work wonderfully. Their bristles are super soft and really apply the color smoothly and evenly. I can’t recommend BH cosmetics enough. I’m dying to try out their neutral palette and their camouflage palette next!

My Love!!

3. Animal Print Flats
Nothing is hotter right now than Animal prints. You can’t swing a dead cat around without knocking over something animal printed. I have admit, that while not a historically big fan of the print, I’m super smitten this fall season. From pencil thin cheetah belts, to ab fab leopard bags, nothing is screaming out FALL FUN like animal prints. One of my favorite uses of all this color right now are ballet flats. Every time I’m on the bus or walking down the street, I can’t help but get the tin5les every time I see a wild flash of animal down below! With so much abundant foot fun on the shelves right now, it’s all I can do to contain myself from buying it all!

AKQA San Francisco

For very personal reasons which I shan’t go into at this moment in internet time, I recently came across this company that I’m simply wild about. AKQA is a creative agency specializing in interactive marketing. They have done incredibly fascinating projects that range from X-Box to Nike to Visa. Not only is their work completely innovative (they’ve been named Agency of the Decade by Revolution) but their office spaces are worth of a creative environment. Mega Like.

5. Beirut
I’ve always heard of this band but for whatever reason, never actually heard any of their music. Well this past week I was turned on to their album and I find myself head over heels. I love the melancholy brass band sounds along with the lead singer Zach Condon’s timeless voice. I suppose I could talk more about them, but I think it would be better to let them show you instead.

Private Battles

I once heard a saying that always kind of stuck with me.

“Always be especially kind to those around you. You never know what private battles they might be fighting”

This week those words have especially sunk in and hit close to home. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been going through a funk. It really has no origin or particular starting point. It just came on all of a sudden and I couldn’t help but being a complete BITCH to everyone around me. I just couldn’t deal and couldn’t pretend to be nice to people when in reality I was on edge. I knew I was being unnecessarily mean. I felt bad after everytime I lashed out and I wanted to know when this would end. Thank God the funk is finally filtering out, but in its wake I feel even worse. My best friend who I love dearly is in the hospital nearly every day caring for her mother who is in the ICU. I feel like I should have been there and should have been her rock rather than her comforting me through my “whatever” period. Because in the long run, the things that stress you out (traffic, money, work) don’t matter. It’s your relationships, your friendships and your family that mean the most. So even though you might have something thats bugging you going on, you never know what the rest of the world is facing in private. You never know what struggles and situations they are dealing with, and a little kindness from can go a long way. A lesson I need to be reminded of from time to time . . .

In Memory of Ladye Susan Brown

What a ‘GIGANTIC’ Week!

MAN-O-MAN! What an intense past week this has been. I mean, it really is so huge that you HAVE to mention it. You have to say somehting!

The View from our window onto Market Street. The entire street was flooded with people!

I think that everyone who knows me, knows that I’m not a HUGE sports fan. I mean, I don’t know statistics and I wouldn’t just watch ESPN out of choice if I weren’t at the gym. However, I love an underdog story as much as the next person. I love to see a comeback. And then fact that I’ve been able to see one of the most amazing sports stories of all time from the comfort of my front steps has been one of the craziest experiences of my life.

As everyone knows by now – the amazing ,the unstoppable, the BAD-ASSES themselves, The San Francisco Giants completely kicked major ass in the World Series and won the Championship against the Texas Rangers! I can’t even begin to tell you how much buzz and life has been in the San Francisco air. Everywhere I went for the past couple of weeks, everyone was wearing Orange. In every shop window and in every cab were the sacred phrases, “Fear the Beard” and “Tuck Fexas”. Lincecum and Wilson were now revered names said with reserved honor and pride.

On game nights you didn’t even need to watch. All you needed to do was stand out on the street and wait to hear the roars coming from inside the countless homes on your street. And then of course, wait for the barrage of fireworks that could be heard all the way from the Marina! These past couple of weeks – spotlights have continuously roamed the sky letting all in the city know that this is the home of the Giants. Public buildings have been bathed and taken over in an orange glow. Coit Tower is a tall beacon of our city’s baseball pride. City Hall has been transformed into the headquarters of Giants Mania.

I have never before seen this city come together so wholeheartedly and so entirely to support one another. We have been so filled with pride and excitement that it has been one of the greatest things to watch! And not only to watch, but to be a part of! I have loved every minute of it. From shutting down Haight/Ashbury after the Giants won and blocking buses and traffic from coming through, to celebrating our historic moment at our local neighborhood bar that really felt more like being in a sold out concert than watching a baseball game, to our whole office shutting down so we could go watch the parade at a clients office! This really has been one of the greatest and most exciting past weeks ever!

Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this Giants!

Signs Of Life

I really am ashamed at how long I’ve neglected this blog! It truly is a disgrace. I should be flogged with 1,000 sad face emoticons and slapped around with even more computer-crashing gifs. But, in my defense I have been INCREDIBLY busy. In fact, I am currently writing this blog whilst at work because I’ve found that my brief at-home life leaves little time to write these much overdue blog entries! So what has been keeping me from my beloved outlet? Well, for one thing (and quite possibly the most important of all of them…) my new full time job is a bit of a whirlwind. I can’t believe that I’ve been there for almost 2 months, but tis true. I’ve found that everyone in the office is completely out-of-your-mind-crazy busy, but still super sweet and nice. Everyone is unendingly patient with me and offers any and all help that they can even thought they are under the gun and under deadline. I haven’t screwed up too badly yet (knock on wood) but I really think that that’s in large part thanks to the amazing people who I work with. Looking back at my first few weeks, I really was just kind of thrown into the role without a ton of training and most of it was simply learn as you go. Which I suppose in large part helps you retain more information. But while you’re in the midst of trying to figure out how to send a fax, its probably not the most self esteem boosting methodology. So most of my time here at work I’ve been trying not to let on just how much I DON’T know! I mean, my god! I’ve learned a ton. But on the other hand, I feel like at any point I could let the other shoe drop and completely muck things up.

So aside from working big-baller status in the financial – I’ve got a whole new distraction. As you may remember from my last post (or not cause it was WEEKS ago…) I’m renting out a dream apartment with my 3 best friendies! I think that it is literally taking over the entirety of my attention span. Moving in and figuring out how everything is going to be and how everything is going to work out is really quite exhausting when you think about it. And when you do such a big move like I did (from the East Bay to San Francisco) a lot of it is trying to get your navigational bearings and figure out how to get to where and how long it will take you if you’re walking vs. taking the bus. And then I’m still in the midst of trying to figure out the whole MUNI system! AAAHHH! It never ends. So children, the main point of this blog entry was to show some form of virtual like and to remind people (mostly myself) that I have not in fact forgotten about anyone. Simply I’ve been juggling my reworking my personal life/schedule and that does take a large part of your day. But now that things are semi-falling into place, I have much to share with all of you! Stay tuned…