Top 5 Tingles: April (Belated)

I understand that this post is a few days past the April cut-off, however, better late than never right?
In between trying to soak up an entire new industries knowledge/skill set, I fully recognize that I have been neglecting the blog. This leads me to my first tingle…

When trying to teach digital media to traditional planners its like:

1. What Happens In Media Planning
Do you love GIFS? Do you love it when someone else recognizes the audacity, ridiculousness and occasional turmoils of your current job? Well then look no further, because you have just found the site for you (if you are in Media Planning) I’ve been taking mental notes every now and then from conversations I’ve heard, jokes that have been made as well as observations that I’ve made myself¬† and frankly a lot of the them are perfectly mirrored in these hilariously curated GIFS. Many questions are now answered!

Life Changing

2. Spotify
I know, I know. I know what all you are thinking – is this that stupid thing that all of my Facebook friends are posting about? Trust me, this is not like Farmville. Spotify has completely changed my audio work life. All day long I listen to Spotify. It is the perfect cohesion of Pandora and GrooveShark. Spotify takes the limitless streaming capabilities from Pandora and marries them with the control of Grooveshark but with a much sexier interface as well as only high-quality versions of songs (something missing from Groove). For the past couple of weeks I choose specific artists that I’ve always wanted to delve deeper into and have immersed myself completely into their entire catalogues. This is truly the new way to discover music. I’ve been completely in love with Alex Clare’s entire album as well as discovering new favorite songs from old standby’s. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DOWNLOADING!

So disappointing its sold out ūüė¶

3. Leather Cowl Neck Jackets
Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s definitely knew what she was talking about when she said, “So get your leather, leather, leather on on on…” in Zero. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect leather jacket to fend of the coming unpredictable SF summer weather. I need something that can be lightweight and at the same time provide great insulation. Normally leather jackets can tend to be too biker-looking and others are just…pathetically matronly. I’ve always loved the idea of a large over-sized¬† collar/cowl neck jacket that can zip up all the way and that looks cool while at the same time providing ultimate warmth with some knit detailing. Well, I think I’ve finally found the ultimate solution. Too bad its discontinued. Great.

you know you’re curious…

4. Fifty Shades of Grey
I’m not going to talk to much about this one, just because I started blushing even writing down the title. But let me just say, that if you haven’t read it yet – then you are REALLLLLLLLLLYYYYYY missing out. Seriously.


Our new dining room set complete with a bench we found on sale. Perfect for dinner parties!

5. Redecorating/Being a Grown-Up
YESSSSS!!! Its finally happening!¬† I AM SO EXCITED! The sad-hodgepodge-Frat that is my living room is finally getting a major makeover thanks to some communication between the roomies, a small budget and some sweat equity. When we first moved into the apartment, all of us were focused on getting our own rooms in tip top shape. The communal spaces were of course the last to be broached and even then our solution was pooling together all our odd family hand-me downs and blindly throwing them into the living room hoping that they would stick and make some semblance of order. Well, those days are long gone! After two failed attempts at getting our shit in order (and largely in part by rotating out one less than eager roommate for someone who has an appreciation for aesthetics) we are finally giving our apartment the much needed TLC it deserves. Already we have said “Adios” to the corduroy craigslist couches (thank god) and instead replaced them with a much nicer white loveseat and (my very first) BRAND NEW COUCH! Just delivered last weekend. I feel like such an adult getting new furniture. On top of that we have nixed the outdoor patio set that served as a dining room table and chairs and instead replaced them with a LOVELY new dining set.

I can start to tangibly feel myself getting better the more this apartment comes together. I can wait to show off the finished product for all to see ūüôā




A friend of mine recently forwarded me a very interesting article about the effects of female psychology in the workplace and home. Written by a man it talks to the idea of how we devalue the opinion of women around us and write them off as being a “bitch” or being “crazy” whenever we disagree with their opinion. As women, we perpetuate this concept surrounding our fragile emotions and concede that we are less stable than our male counterparts. I mean, think about it – how often have you heard the phrases, “You are so sensitive”, “Don’t be ridiculous”, “Stop overreacting”. Sure – in certain circumstances, and with certain individuals these phrases can be pretty spot on. But for the most part it seems that whenever we are on the receiving end of such phrases we aren’t over reacting at all. In fact it feels like our reactions are spot on.

This is “Gaslighting”. A psychological term coined from the 1944 film of the same name starring Ingrid Bergman where her husband convinces her she’s crazy by flickering the gas lights on and off in an attempt to have her locked away so he can take control of all her money.

By devaluing the concerns and expressions of those around us and shaking them off as “overly sensitive” or “an overreaction” what we are really saying is, “you are crazy and don’t have a normal perception of reality”. For women, we hear this constantly over the course of a lifetime and with a constant feed from peers and the like – how can you truly believe otherwise.

What is even more surprising is when women say this about themselves. They joke and make play of the fact that “yeah – women are crazy right?!”. Well, actually no. We are entitled to our opinions and our anger just like anyone else. It is unfortunate that what usually comes on the other end of that is not someone who is willing to admit their fault, but instead someone who knows they have the upper hand and centuries worth of justification when they say, “oh don’t be so silly”

What is even more interesting is how women try and maneuver this in the workplace. I know that sometimes when I have to demand a report or a reply by EOD or ASAP, I try and temper the sting of such a hard request with a smile face. Would a man ever do this? No. Probably not. Because men are expected to be authoritative. But for women, the moment we take on the role of authority we immediately become “bitches”.

199441_5797000500_369_nIn reading this article, I was forced to reevaluate my own opinions about gaslighting, gender roles and the things that I may or may not say to my peers. It is worth a read and hopefully some introspection.

Lessons to Learn When You Join an Ad Agency

After having about a month of Media Planning in a world class agency under my belt, here are a few quick lessons I’ve learned along the way

1. Sobriety is NOT WELCOME
Expect to go out to a lot of Media Events, Publisher Meetings or wine-and-dine sessions where the party doesn’t stop! Also, embrace the keg on tap in the middle of the office. Its there for YOU! And never be surprised when you find a collection of shot glasses in your desk from the previous owner! Drinking in the office still happens at Ad Agencies. Its just mostly beer this time.

2. Math Skillz
All those lessons that you snoozed through in school? Maybe you should have taken better notes yeah? But most importantly, don’t doubt your abilities. Its your own insecurities that will fruition into truth. Never doubt your self.

3. Timing is Everything
There is no rest for the weary here. In fact sometimes it can feel like you are going at double speed. Everything is go, go, go. The faster you work, the better! But I have to be honest in that I’ve found that to be the most refreshing part. You can expect to get approvals the day you send in a submission. Such a change considering the background I came from.

4. Youth Rules
This has to be one of the youngest offices I’ve seen, let alone been in. The oldest person in here must be what?! 40?? But thats not a bad thing by any means. I feel like I am surrounded by my peers all the time and I feel like everyone is on an even footing. However, I will admit that it is a little strange to think that in a few years, I could be a senior account exec!

5. Expect to have A LOT of fun!
After only one month, I’ve already been to an Inter-Agency Bowling team, a Boozy SF Trolley Bar Crawl put on by MySpace, and next month is Ladies night at the Spa. And this is all covered by Publishers! I can hardly believe it. Also, don’t shy away from having a bean bag toss competition in the middle of the day with the set up in the middle of the office. The basketball hoop set up near conference room 8 is also a lot of fun ūüôā

6. The Sky’s the Limit
There is no ceiling in this industry. Hard work and creativity will always be rewarded. As long as you have both the world is your oyster.

Disco Bowling and Boozy Trolley Ride all within a two week period!

Saying Goodbye

After working at WB for 2 years, I had a pretty strong sense of their style when it came to introductions and farewells. Which is to say that they don’t stand on ceremony. In fact, its rare to have large heart-felt scenes in this office. And by no means am I try to put down the good folks on Grant Ave., it’s just that being in the industry that they are – often times deadlines take hold of your immediate attention and its harder to set aside time to say your goodbyes.

I knew this on my last day. In fact, I was (in all honesty) not expecting anything. I had been hoping for a card (maybe) but I knew that even that would be¬† stretch. But seeing the spread that they all put together for me was not only heartfelt and sincere, but touched me immensely. As I mentioned in the last post – goodbyes are always the hardest for me. Especially saying “so-long” to this lot. But it feels good to know that I have touched their hearts as much as they have touched mine.

Thanks for the memories – now on to bigger and better adventures ūüôā



Isn’t is extraordinary how much your whole world can shift in only a few days?
I’m always so surprised at how much can change in a relatively short period of time.

Its been almost two years since I posted this, and I’m more than willing to¬†concede that¬†since that time¬†I’ve learned so much, taken on incredible responsibility, realized exactly what I am capable of and grown immeasurably¬†along the way. However, there always comes a time when you feel the need to take on more.
I’m ready to take the first steps into my career path.
I’m ready for the next chapter.
Hence my immense excitement at the following announcement! So long old job! HELLO NEW ONE!!! I can’t say exactly which company I’m going to be working for (except that they are one of the largest in the world) and I can’t really say what exactly I’ll be doing – not on a public forum at least, but I can say that my new industry will mirror something along the lines of what these people do. I really can’t believe my good fortune and incredible luck. I’m so happy to utilize all my¬†interests and integrated marketing training¬†as well as years and years of pop culture knowledge into a¬†paying J – O – B! What more could you ask for?

But as always (for me) with change comes sadness. I really will miss a lot of the people I have worked with and grown to admire. I am so fortunate to have forged some lifelong friendships and connections. Some of the people who I have¬†worked with over the past couple of years have mentored and guided me through moments when I really needed some encouragement and have continually given me sound, professional advice. I will be forever grateful! I’m saddened at the thought that I won’t be able to see them on a daily basis, but so happy that I had the chance to meet them at all! Thank you so much work friends! I will¬†forever be indebted.

But now I turn my sights to brighter and wider horizons. I’m so excited to¬†see what the future has in store.¬†I can only see possibilities.

Top 5 Tingles: February

Even though this is the shortest month of the whole year and full of silly distracting holidays like Valentines Day – it does not mean that I am shirking my responsibilities when it comes to my Top 5 Tingles List. Quite the opposite. This month is chock full of awesome links, tid bits and art works that I’ve been tingling about for weeks! Check them out

1. Beauty Army

I love to try out new products and find out what the best beauty supplies out on the market are. And for me, samples are the best way to decide which ones work, which ones are the best and which ones aren’t even worth it. Beauty Army is a fantastic new service that I just came across that offers their members monthly gift boxes filled with personalized samples of the latest beauty supplies. The monthly subscription comes at a very low-cost and for those who fall in love with a particular product they can buy the full-sized version on Beauty Army’s site as well. Personally, I can’t wait to try out their dry shampoo, body polish and lip shield!

How lovely would it be to have this waiting at your doorstep every month?

2. Martha Stewart for Avery

There is something about color-coding, labeling and organization that just speaks to my heart. I absolutely LOVE to stack, sort and organize everything. At work it seems like there are endless opportunities to organize our filing systems and supplies. My only complaint is that the sterile and oftentimes bland labels and stationary you come across at normal office supply stores aren’t very inspiring. And the options that offer a bit more flair tend to be astronomically expensive. That is why I was so incredibly excited to learn about Martha Stewart Living’s new line with Avery Products. The Martha Stewart Home Office line offers so many beautifully crafted products to transform any home office. Their stunning product line offers anything from stunning mint shagreen journals, chalkboard sticky labels, weekly planners, and stackable home office organizers. I’m not ashamed at all to admit to spending almost all night exploring the site and imagining thousands of uses for these products! I can’t wait to try them out!

This entire collection is styled to perfection!

3. Nude Seamed Tights

With the weather in San Francisco turning so warm lately all my friends and I have been dusting off our summer dresses a little earlier this year. Unfortunatley, while the temperature outside might indicate that Summer is here, my pale legs certainly do not. I’m not ready to bare my winter legs yet without some sort of stocking. I’ve always felt that plain nude tights are a little boring. It needs a little something extra. Which is why one of my new favorite obsessions are classic nude tights with a striking back seam. I really can’t think of anything sexier than a long seam running up the back of¬† your legs and beyond. Not only do they elongate your figure, but in my opinion they also change your entire carriage. So classically sexy!

How Sessy! Why did people stop wearing these again??

4. Famille Summerbelle San Francisco Papercut
I adore all art that pays homage to my home, my heart, San Francisco. Anytime I see artists depicting my city in unique and interesting ways, I’m sold immediately. So when I came across French Papercut designer Famille Summerbelle’s new interpretation of this cities cartography – I could resist. This large work is lasercut on thick card stock and is incredible in all its minute and finite details about this city. I love how each neighboorhood is depicted and every inch is covered in some unique trait that makes this city one of the best in the world. This papercut truly touches my heart and I hope it will make yours Tin5le as well!

Creative Craftsmanship = SWOON!


5. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Last year I decided to embark on a literary odyssey by reading one of the fattest biographies of Abraham Lincoln that I could find. I’d love to say that I powered through it without any problems – but it did start to get pretty dense right around the 500 page mark and I did take a few months break. But overall I have been very impressed with the personal and professional life of our nations 16th President. Lincoln truly guided the US during one of its most difficult and tumultuous periods and for that I can’t help but take on a reverent tone whenever I’m discussing A. Lincoln. BUT, I also understand that his leadership and power can translate into almost any other form. Which is why I’m also very excited and looking very much forward to the new film¬†Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Based on the popular book, Abe discovers that Vampires are planning to take over the United States and in an effort to protect our country, seeks to eliminate them. Lincoln is a bad-ass for LOTS of reasons, and now that he’s fighting Vampires with the help of Tim Burton, it only makes me that much more excited for this adaptation!

Behind The Shot

How many times have we come across these iconic images? So many of us have seen these inspiring, emotional and sometimes violent photographs splashed across the covers of magazines and newspapers so many times that they have taken on their own legendary status. However, how much do we know about the people behind these infamous images? Last week I came across an article that talks about a new book entitled Behind Photographs: Archiving Photographic Legends by Tim Mantoani. The book looks at the efforts of immortalizing and recognizing the brave photographers who have taken some of the most moving images of the 20th and 21st century and cataloguing their own unique experiences in capturing the shot of their lifetime.

Interestingly for Mantoani, getting his own¬†pictures of these noted photographers¬†proved to be just as much of a challenge. Each of his photographs were taken using the nearly extinct large scale¬†20×24 Polaroid¬†cameras. As you can imagine, obtaining the film needed for these cameras was not only difficult, but highly expensive. Each shot cost $200. And when Polaroid went under a few years ago, it isn’t hard to realize how coveted any specialized and rare ¬†film out there might have been. But the scarcity and uniqueness of his medium only lends an added weight to these shots of photographers and their famous images. His subjects deserve no less than the most rare film out there if only to illuminate how unique their own photographs are.

If you would like more information, or like to see more of these amazing photos and hear about the inspiring stories behind them, check out this site and look into Tim Mantoani’s book, Behind Photographs: Archiving Photographic Legends

UC Homesick

The epicenter of my all-nighters, my desk

This past weekend San Francisco had one of the most glorious winter weekends I’ve ever seen. It was a balmy, sultry¬†sunny day¬†that reminded me of long summer breaks. A few friends of mine decided to take advantage of the day and headed into our old stomping grounds, Berkeley. While driving around and visiting all our old favorite shops and restaurants, I began to reflect¬†back on my time in Berkeley and haven’t been able to stop. A part of me feels like I’m just taking a brief hiatus from the campus. That this is my year off to “find myself” before returning back to school. A¬†sort¬†of backwards Gap Year.¬†But then I realize that in fact, I’ve graduated and that my last class was 3 years ago. In so many ways it still feels like yesterday that I was walking down into the depths of Doe to sit in on dark Art History lectures.¬† How vivid is the memory of walking onto campus and stopping off at the Free Speech Cafe to grab an Iced Tea before class? How many times did I stop off at “Mecca” (the holy site of¬†stationery stores) to go pick up more 5×7 flashcards? (5×7 flashcards are worth their weight in gold to any AH student – and during midterms and finals are generally hoarded and traded on the black market for blood diamonds or human kidneys)

Study favorite Library .

Everyone always says that your college years ¬†are the best years of your life. I knew “they” were right when I was IN¬†college. Although it was harder to convince me of that fact when I was pulling all-nighters¬†trying to write¬†25-pg term papers or¬†cramming for midterms.¬†During my time at Cal, I¬†was keenly aware that I was¬†part of a utopian community where all the people around me were the most gifted in the country. Everyone was excited and happy to be there, grateful to interact with other innovators and intellectuals.¬†On our Saturday drive, my roommate and I drove¬†past our old apartment on¬†Euclid and Hilgard¬†and together we¬†looked¬†up at¬†our old living room window,¬†looked through to the garage and remembered fondly that time Mike left¬†a christmas trees in our front lawn for months or when our neighbors called the cops on us for playing music too loudly. It was here that I can¬†pinpoint¬†the nucleus of my collegiate life. The core of my happiness took¬†place largely¬†within those 4 walls. I thought I was untouchable.¬†Living with my best¬†friends, taking classes together, studying together, learning from the leaders in our field – what could have been better? We dreaded leaving. I felt that I was leaving before my time, a straw dog, an offering to the adult¬†world for which I was unwilling. If I could have, I would have stayed…possibly forever. Roaming the campus this weekend the shadows of memories kept springing forward. Old rooms, old cafe’s, places where I studied, paths I walked – are now all being occupied by new students. The places where I used to live have new tenants. In a way I’m so envious of them. They get to continue these wonderful experiences. I was reminded of that line from Garden State where they talk about home as an imaginary place that doesn’t exist any longer but you still miss it. I still miss this.

Napping on the lawn in between classes

But as we crossed the bridge back into the city, I looked forward and onto what I have now. I’m so blessed to continue to live with my college friends, continue to work and be surrounded by some of the brightest and creative minds, and live in a city that pulses with innovation, design, tolerance and creativity. While my class¬†schedule might have shifted into a 9-5 job, and my rent might have doubled (city living) it doesn’t mean that I have to stop being a student of life and end my passion for continuing development, learning and education. No matter where I end up, I’ll always be living in Bear Territory.