The Artist

I am so excited to share this posting with everyone. My college friend/roommate/homegirl Nicole Lampl is officially an exhibiting artist. After meeting Nikki in our shared “Dutch Golden Age” art history class at Berkeley in 2007, we’ve been fast friends ever since. Nikki is an extremely talented artist and has the brave sense of abandon to paint not only large-scale canvases but also works that are incredibly personal and raw. We’ve been very lucky to have our own in-house artist to decorate our apartment walls over the years and over different apartments. Well now, our Nikks is moving on up in the art-world.

The Artist with her work

August 3rd – September 1st the Olivia Art Hyde Gallery in Fremont, CA is hosting the exhibit “In Full View” consisting of local Bay Area artists. Our very own Nikki is lucky talented enough to be one of the exhibiting artists selected. Her works on display explore the cellular geography of breast tissue and the cancer that lies within. A subject that she was compelled to explore while watching her own mother go through the terrible journey of battling breast cancer. These works are deceptively colorful and abstract at a first glance, but in fact they are representations of different cancerous cells found in breast carcinoma. Being in the Art History club with Nikki – we were all very impressed not only with her execution but also how effectively she tackled such a complex and difficult subject matter.

Art History Club re-unites

The ladies and I have never been prouder of one of our own. We made a mini-road trip down to Fremont after work to make it in time for the gallery reception and opening. I’m so glad we went and were able to have these memories of the girls all rallying together around one of our own. If you’d like to find out more about Nicole’s work and her inspiration – please visit her portfolio here :