Outside Lands 2012

Franz Ferdinand

Outside Lands earned a much deserved spot as a Tin5le in my last post. However, after actually going to the Festival this past weekend – I feel it deserves a dedicated post all to itself. Talk about a whirlwind. I’ve been to a few other festivals – however, I have to say that this one is very much unique to San Francisco. Set in Golden Gate Park amidst the Eucalyptus trees and thick blankets of fog, OSL has an undeniable ethereal and magical quality to it. But I also had the deja-vu feeling like I was back at summer camp. Each stage is fairly spread out and so to hop from act to act, you quite literally need your hiking boots and walking stick as you stomp through hill and dale and walk into forested canopies.


Me and the BFF watching Jack White

I would have to say that one of the most amazing acts was (no surprise) Justice. Their music was heart-thumping, body-rocking and an incredible experience! Thanks to our friends at BrightRoll we had an all day VIP pass and that allowed us to bypass the main crowd and watch the set from the special VIP lawn (accompanied by VIP dranks!) Being able to see such an amazing artist live and so up close was incredible. Some other notable acts were Franz Ferdinand who opened their set with my FAVORITE song, “Matinee” and continued to rock our socks off with a roundup of their best songs. Then of course Jack White was legendary. What a treat to see one of the greatest songwriters, guitar players, music historians of my generation. The Foo Fighters were also surprisingly powerful performers. Dave Grohl sings just as well if not better than he does on his records. They were flawless. And the added bonus of being able to watch them from the BrightRoll VIP cabana was unreal. I find myself so appreciative of all the people around me who made last weekend beyond memorable! Thanks so much to Brightroll for all the hook-ups and to Demand Media for the amazing memories 🙂

Watching Foo Fighters from the BrightRoll VIP Cabana