Way to Dodge a Bullet!! (this is my favorite post so far!)

So I have to be honest. The main reason why I started up this blog in the first place was because I truthfully thought it was going to be a place to vent and discuss all my frustrations over the past year. I graduated college in May of ’09 and I have been pretty much looking for work ever since, constantly checking the employment ads, sending out resumes, cover letters, going out on countless interviews and trying to be enthusiastic about the shitiest jobs ever! I even felt like I was starting to piss off my twitter followers because it seemed that EVERY week I was either going out on interviews or writing the most stupid and pointless cover letters and always voicing my anxieties via twitter. I soon realized that I was taking advantage of my open forum a little too much and hence I needed a space to redirect my issues. That was one of the major reasons why I decided to start this blog when I did – because I was fed up with keeping my frustrations under 140 characters!

Creative Environments/Minds Totally Rock My Boat!

But then again, I didn’t want to be a negative Nancy right out of the gate and start off (what I hope to be) a lifelong writing project with my bad attitudes about the recession/dire job market for recent grads/pitiful economy. I was planning on broaching this subject in my next post but just didn’t know how to fit in 13 months of frustration and disappointment in one single post. But the good news is that NOW I DON’T HAVE TO!!!!!!!!!! I am MORE than happy to report that as of yesterday I was offered a bomb.com position at this Uhh-mazing company that I am tres excited to start working for. Because I was an Art History Major in college I knew that once I started my career I wanted to be doing something that dealt with creative and artistic minds and not the dry, boring aspects of business. I am so happy to announce that I will start my new job on Monday in the San Francisco Studio at Woods Bagot Architects!!! As soon as I found this position I knew that I would be perfect for it! It really is my dream job in so many ways and I can’t possibly begin to spell out how it was specifically created just for me!  But I am also just now realizing what a relief its going to be not constantly worrying about finding the right job and not constantly scouring the job boards like your life depends on it. Now I can focus at being the best that I can be at my job and best of all – with a stable paycheck I am able to move in with my best friends into our dream apartment in August! This truly is the best news that I ‘ve gotten in a while and it is such an intense relief, I’m practically floating on air!

And I’m also intensely relieved that I don’t have to write (what would have eventually turned into) a series of blog posts about my super sucky life as a recent post-grad trying to grapple with the realities of a declining job market in the midst of a crippling economic recession. NOT FUN! Sooooo…definitely dodged a major bullet on that one, and I dodged it in a SERIOUSLY smile-till-your-teeth-hurt, gloating-all-day-long, giggle-for-hours, good way!


2 thoughts on “Way to Dodge a Bullet!! (this is my favorite post so far!)

  1. Congrats on the job! I graduated May 2009 too. The only job I could find was in Iowa. Blech. I hope I’m as successful in my new job hunt as you’ve been in yours!

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